21st birthday

Wishes started pouring in after the clock hits 12am. Thanks everybody, you guys made my day! I?ve been getting loads of calls and messages through the whole day until I lost count the amount of people who called.

My mates from Brisbane were the first few who called to wish me. Jin Han and Kiang even sang a song for me while Umeng and Soon Loong wished me on the phone. Thanks guys, you guys are the best! Him called me personally later in the afternoon to wish me again. I remembered I called him last year to wish him.

I?ve been throwing parties for my birthday almost every year. But this year, it?s a quiet one. All I did was just watch a movie, have dinner with my parents and Melody and spend the whole night at home watching VCD with Melody. Last year, my Sheffield Uni mates got together in my hall and got drunk. 2 years ago, my friends came over to my house and got drunk again. 3 years ago, my friends were drunk too and 4 years ago, I guess we were drunk again. However, this year, it was totally alcohol free. It was good, alcohol is bad for me but it had been giving me memorable memories.

My mum gave me an angpow and a gold ?key?. The ?key? symbolises the freedom that I will be given. My key has a flower engraved in the middle with the number 21 on the end. Melody on the other hand gave me a box full of things. It has my favourite snacks, books and an engraved picture of us on a key chain. Her mum gave me a present too. She gave me 2 novels and a portable charger (cool thing, it charges with a 9 volt battery!) The first item I got was from Guo Xin (my tenant from China), she gave me a fluffy duckie. Hehe

My parents wanted to have dinner in Klang in conjunction with my birthday. However, dad requested me to come back early so that he doesn?t need to drive at night (his eyesight is poor at night). Unfortunately, Melody and I couldn?t get a taxi and we had to wait. We reached home about 7:30PM and my parents decided not to eat in Klang anymore. *sigh* I was so looking forward for it. We ended up having dinner at our usual restaurant again.

I?m not saying that it was a boring birthday. It was great. I?m glad my parents and Melody were here to celebrate it with me.

blue ice (1:00 AM) :
happy bday 2 u

StAr`StAr (1:40 AM) :
happy birthday to u first!
gif u a big kiss!!!

happy bday to nia mah bbb oso…:)

happy birthday for monday! also happy mid-autumn festival ^_^