Berlin, Germany – Schweinske

I had lunch at one restaurant by the name Schweinske. I found this place by accident.

I got lost around this area when I found Schweinske

The theme of this restaurant is based on pigs. Schweinske was established in 1983 in Hamburg and expanded throughout Germany. It has now around 34 outlets.

Upon sitting down, I was given a menu. The menu was in German but I knew what I wanted i.e. Curry Wurst. One of the items in the menu is titled “Miss Piggy” and on the menu, drawings of pigs were everywhere.

So were the walls and ceilings.

The piggies are peeping!

The Currywurst tasted extremely great although I’m not a big fan of sausages. Fries were served on the side and the sausage was topped with a barbeque sauce and curry powder. It costs around 4.95 Euro.

I ordered a bottle of Apollinaris to complement my Currywurst. Apollinaris is some sort of carbonated table water. The taste is extremely weird. It tasted like a mixture of salt and water. I wanted to try Apollinaris because there is a famous English case on Intellectual Property regarding the Apollinaris. This 100 years old case is quoted in many commonwealth jurisdictions.

Website: (In German)
P/S Sorry for the Haram post.

4 thoughts on “Berlin, Germany – Schweinske”

  1. arrrgghh!!!! I’m such a sucker for sausages… though the doc told me to cut my cholesterol. *SLURPZ* How’d the german live so long on sausages?

  2. Darren: why? cause u looveee sausauges?? ekeke
    alsera: damn, my cholesterol level is getting high too.

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