The Kuala Lumpur Bar Blog

In line with the trend, the Kuala Lumpur Bar (Not the bar that serves alcohol but the association of Kuala Lumpur lawyers) has recently set up a blog.

With this website, the public can now see liars lawyers in an informal way and the activities they indulge in. The comments function is currently being disabled as we lawyers know that lawyers tend to make all sorts of stupid statements. I think it would be a bloody war if comments are enabled. Lawyers want to have the last say all the time.
Website: The Kuala Lumpur Bar Blog
The Perak Bar has also launched their blog. Their blog is a little bit more informal and relaxed. Comments are enabled.
Website: The Perak Bar Blog

3 thoughts on “The Kuala Lumpur Bar Blog”

  1. Oooh You meant that bar not the “bar”. I was looking for Kuala Lumpur bars and nightlife and accidentally came across this one.
    Anyway this sounds interesting because personally I havent come across a lawyer in a relaxed state of mind, I mean in an informal way. You guys are always so serious and am really looking forward to see the direction this blog will take.
    Most people I think misunderstand lawyers because they are always too formal. I think this forum will let the common folks like myself to really get into minds of the lawyer.
    Clement in Kuala Lumpur

  2. Clement- Lawyer will only be formal in their office, and informal after wrking hrs. dont believe? Ask CL…ahahahaha

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