beside horoscopes?

back in secondary school, i used to check the compatibility match between my star sign and my crush’s or boyfriend’s star sign. i looked at one of linda goodman’s book and even preached to my friends which star sign would be a better match with theirs. ;P
many of my friends do not believe in such compatibility checks. i still do check on it once in a while, including chinese astrology. ;P just in case, you never know how accurate some may be. is it just a girl thing, or do some guys believe in it too?
it does end up being a bit upsetting when you’re strongly attracted to someone, and after checking both your horoscopes, you find that you’re not compatible. what’s next? fizzle out the attraction, or take a chance?
but goodness, lilian too’s book on my animal sign was (rather) a bit off last year. it mentioned that on one particular month, i’d have luck in love, and many would come begging for my attention. i excitedly waited for it to happen, but an uneventful month passed. it also mentioned that i’d be having good relations with my boss for another particular month, he’d be proud of me and my quality of work, but what happened was, i got scolded by the boss instead, and he started to find fault with me. >(
anyway, back to horoscopes. i realised how messy it can be. if i look at my star sign, the bloke and i could be compatible. but if i look at chinese astrology, it tells me that we’re incompatible. so what should i look at next, numerology, palm reading, tea leaves reading or what? it’s so confusing…
and then we also have fortune-telling. hmm… the visits to the medium to guide us through the hard times. of course, not many people believe in this.
my mum didn’t tell me, but my sister told me that the medium informed them that if i were to be married to my boyfriend at that time, i would have been ill-treated by his mother. wow. so it must be a close shave for me, because our relationship didn’t work out. =) but they only told me this after we broke up.

13 thoughts on “beside horoscopes?”

  1. hahaha that sounds kinda familiar! usually i just listen to the good ones and for the bad ones.. ill just try to be careful about it haha.. thats not being desperate!! thats just a girl thing 😛 i actually see alot of guys doing that too haha

  2. galFerari & Devilishaz: hehe. consider it as a reference only? ;P
    before i forget, rych, u wanna marry me? ;PpPpp since you said i so desperate to get married. ehehehe

  3. erm… i actually refer to horoscope most of the time especially when i wanna get to know someone better… i think they are good in the horoscopes’ characteristics… but i dont believe in those weekly/monthly/yearly lucks…

  4. Personally I believe in cause and effect of my own actions…
    but at the same time I just can’t deny that there are outside factors beyond my control which does have huge impact on my life…
    and that’s when I turn to horoscope just so I see what they would say about my life at a certain time… good or bad I would take it as warning not to live my life too outrageously..

  5. chaliz: but sometimes i forget what it says bout my character tho. hehe. usual stuff like i’m stubborn and easily bored, that one i remember la.
    fr0stie: hehe. at least they didn’t tell during the r-ship.. so that was pretty considerate of them. =)

  6. i think horoscopes are sort-of true… but those compatability things are just “recommmended”. so it just means that if the two signs are incompatible, the two ppl have to work extra hard to stay together…

  7. whyrl: it’s a steeper uphill task tho. =) but yeah, both parties would have to make a bigger effort. unless fortune telling says both are not meant to be together la. ;P

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