Day 3 – Thaiwand Wall, West Raileh, Krabi

Thaiwand wall is located at West Raileh Beach. We have to hike through the jungle and climb up the hills to get to Thaiwand wall. can climb the ladder.

Thank god for the natural path, otherwise we would be lost in the jungle. But it was sometimes confusing. There was once I ended at a place where someone took a shit. He/She left tissues on the ground. 😛

The place is narrow and sandy but it has many easy routes for us to climb. It has couple of 5C routes there. I had the opportunity to lead one 5C route. It was fairy easy although I haven’t got the hang of clipping ropes into runners.

Narrow path..

But the main challenge is tying my rope to the anchor (last bolt). First I had to put on a safety sling and then untie my rope from myself. Very risky, without the rope, I could fall hundreds of feet if the bolt breaks or my safety sling fails.

Fortunately, the last part of my route was a cave. I could just sit down, have coffee and take my time untying my rope.

But as soon as I untie my rope and do the necessary things to set up the anchor, I realized that I tie myself on my safety sling, rather than the anchor. I could have rolled down the hill if I was a little bit impatient!

Anchor, safety sling & West Raileh Beach

The drawbacks of Thaiwand wall is that, the wind was usually strong. It was like a sandstorm. The sand kept on getting into our eyes!

East & West Raileh Beach, view from Thaiwand wall!

13 thoughts on “Day 3 – Thaiwand Wall, West Raileh, Krabi”

  1. wow. the beach is really beautiful huh? but krabi is only recommanded for hill climbs only is it? very beautiful indeed

  2. yvonne: yeah la. always ffk. cis!
    peggy: sand gets in ur eyes!!
    honfaai: its mainly for climbing la butthen there are other things to do as well. the beach is excellent.
    rych: im back already. past entry ma keke
    devilisha: hehe not that fun in thaiwand wall ler. was damn tired that time. biscuit for breakfast somemore!

  3. yah is a nice place when u climb up feel like lepak up there only it was so windy and nice scene, how good if we chill up there with a cool beer…hahaha
    but we need to hide like a gollum when the sand blow around…

  4. hehe. wah, he never looked like the kind who knows how to recite poetry la. looks like i misjudged him. bwahaha.
    gollum……. dat’s xes.
    sorry la i ffk, too fat to climb liao. and er, other commitments. hehe.

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