BFM Radio Interview: Privacy Laws in Malaysia

Privacy laws is one of my specialized areas. It’s a relatively new area in Malaysia. It was not until recently the Federal Court held that the Malaysian Constitution recognises our right to privacy and that invasion of privacy rights is actionable in Malaysia. Few years ago, invasion of privacy rights is not actionable in Malaysia.

It is highly developed in the United Kingdom. So developed that there are law firms well known for their privacy law practice. For example, Schillings, a law firm in London, is well known to have develop privacy laws in the United Kingdom and they have well known celebrity clients such as Naomi Campbell, JK Rowling, Ryan Giggs, Tiger Woods, Keira Knightley and Cristiano Ronaldo. I hope we could develop something like this in Malaysia.

Anyway, thanks to LoyarBurok and Edmund Bon, I was invited to speak at BFM Radio on privacy laws in Malaysia. How this opportunity came about was also through two (2) articles I wrote for LoyarBurok regarding the right to privacy in Malaysia. One of the articles was later republished by the Malaysia Insider. Amazing how articles can help a lawyer’s legal practice.

Without further ado, you can listen to the podcast below.

Gosh, it’s so weird to hear myself on radio! It’s a pity we don’t have much time. There are so many other things we could cover! Hope there will be a 2nd series soon!

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