Kien Kee, Sup Pedas Ayam Kampung @ Seri Kembangan

My contractor, Uncle Loh brought me to Serdang for lunch. He had been raving about this spicy soup for the past few months. We finally found time to try it after we chose the doors for my new house.

Kien Kee is located in the old Chinese village of Serdang. Wooden and houses and are scattered around this village. This place certainly has a nostalgic feeling.

The interior of this place is very old. It has a special air conditioned room. Some of these rooms were even converted into an office for driving instructors.

I was told that this place gets packed in the afternoon. I was there at 2pm and the crowd seems to have dwindled down. The food came quite fast.

Highlight of the place – Ayam Kampung Sup Pedas (spicy village chicken) – mixture of village chicken (ayam kampung) and pork in pepper soup. It was awesome!

We ordered Fat Tiu Cheong (Buddha Jumps Over the Wall) – Tasted good too!

Taufu – taste like tau fu fah!

Meal was extremely satisfying. I would highly recommend anyone to try this. The scenic drive through Serdang village is worth it!


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Restoran Kien Kee
D-1, Jalan 10/3
43300 Seri Kembangan
Tel: 012-350 9900

Behind the Sri Kembangan Post Office
Opens 9am to 3pm, 6pm to 9pm, close on Monday

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