Bidor, Perak

Bidor, is a tranquil little town about 45 minutes away from the Ipoh, capital of Perak state.

Perhaps the most famous things in Bidor are the Chinese Chicken Biscuits and the Duck Noodles.

Since I had to travel to Taiping to attend Court, I stayed over at Grandpa and Forth Uncle’s place at Bidor. Granpa’s over 90 years old now. I was a little bit worried that when he sees me, he would say..”Who are you?”.
Fortunately, he didn’t. But he gave me a “who-are-you?” stare. I’m sure I will miss him after he’s gone :s

So after attending Taiping Court, I went back to Bidor to get some biscuits from the famous Pun Chun Chicken Biscuits and Restaurant.

My favourite!

As I was walking out from the restaurant, I saw a chap having a bowl of duck noodles. Although I had chee cheong fun, dunkit donuts and wantan mee prior to that, I decided to give the duck noodles a go.

I did a search on google and found that:- (Bidor no girls? :O!)

tried the Duck Noodles as well. Everyone gave positive comments about it. However, to me, although the duck and the soup were fantastic, the noodles were so-so. The noodles were first soaked in to hot water and thereafter mixed into the soup. Although this is a common method, I find this method made the noodles tasteless. They should use a different type of noodle i.e. min sin (long and short very fine Vermicelli.).

19 thoughts on “Bidor, Perak”

  1. xes: i think boht of us have a lot in common. we both stay in OUG. your grandpa stays in bidor and my mum’s hometown is halfway between bidor and teluk intan. we pass by bidor whenever we go home to my mum’s hometown. that’s the only route available off the north-south expressway.

  2. ehhh my hometown Taiping leh…..did u visit the zoo??? eehh…DARN ONZ OK ….better than Zooo Negara…:P
    Taiping still got RM2 noodles…..
    btw do u still climb in submitt? i’m thinking of picking it up…but i only free sat after 6

  3. From your pictures, I can see that there weren’t many patrons. Very much different from the time when I was there, full of people!

  4. boob_omatic: wah , it would be damn ironic if i’m a cousin of frank’s best friend wahhaa
    irenekay: you’re from taiping zoo ka?? wakakaka rm2 noodles? i had wantanmee and they charged me rm3 plus, cilakak. 100 plus for 1.70, not that cheap after all. yes i still climb, most of the time in summit. i usually climb on sunday, saturday cannot la. cannot cimb for 2 days in a row, muscles need to rest leh. come la sunday!
    Jacky: hehe, actually that picture was taken last year. And yesterday, it was empty as well!
    wolfx: it was alright la. you should try the one at Sun Heng Loong @ SS2. It’s good 😀

  5. devilishstat: i dont know whether he knew who i was or not :s hehe nyeh nyeh duck noodles yummy
    aMOs: oh yeah i saw loads of people selling petai as well
    Darren: eh? ipoh duck noodles? never heard of it 😛 and i love the duck flavoured friedn oodles at miri open market!!! droolss…

  6. xes : bidor is also famous for their parmelos and guava isnt it? 🙂 hehe.. i love shak kei ma too. still lovin it!

  7. bidor perak looks interesting. can you send me more pictures on bidor perak, possibly the whole town..:-) if its okey with u. thanks.

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