Ipoh Road Trip 2011: Pun Chun, Ritz Garden Hotel

After Tanjung Malim, we stopped by Bidor for duck noodles at Pun Chun. As usual, it was packed with people. I’m not a big fan of Pun Chun duck noodles and in fact, I think the duck noodles at Sun Hing Loong, SS2 is much better.

We had some wu kok (yam dumpling). Quite nice.

We stayed in a hotel by the name Ritz Garden Hotel in Ipoh. Although the name sounds grand, the place isn’t. We found cigarette ash next to our bed -_-

However, our room has a nice view and the TV channels were ample.

Ritz Garden Hotel has a cafe by the name Ritz Recipe and a restaurant by the name Goldtown.

Think Ritz Carlton, Secret Recipe and Oldtown.

It also has a very small pond, gym (with an instructor), massage parlour, karaoke outlet and a fengtau bar. Apparently, you can see many “dragon ladies” around the bar.

We had a short rest before driving to Kuala Sepetang for dinner. Poor WK and Elaine waited for hours to check into their room cause it was not ready.

It was RM150 a night for us. When I arrived home, I realised that the reception erroneously keyed in the wrong room number during my check out! Aiyoh!

Bidor, Perak

Bidor, is a tranquil little town about 45 minutes away from the Ipoh, capital of Perak state.

Perhaps the most famous things in Bidor are the Chinese Chicken Biscuits and the Duck Noodles.

Since I had to travel to Taiping to attend Court, I stayed over at Grandpa and Forth Uncle’s place at Bidor. Granpa’s over 90 years old now. I was a little bit worried that when he sees me, he would say..”Who are you?”.
Fortunately, he didn’t. But he gave me a “who-are-you?” stare. I’m sure I will miss him after he’s gone :s

So after attending Taiping Court, I went back to Bidor to get some biscuits from the famous Pun Chun Chicken Biscuits and Restaurant.

My favourite!

As I was walking out from the restaurant, I saw a chap having a bowl of duck noodles. Although I had chee cheong fun, dunkit donuts and wantan mee prior to that, I decided to give the duck noodles a go.

I did a search on google and found that:-

http://cypher.blogsome.com/2005/11/25/bidor-no-girls-just-food/ (Bidor no girls? :O!)

tried the Duck Noodles as well. Everyone gave positive comments about it. However, to me, although the duck and the soup were fantastic, the noodles were so-so. The noodles were first soaked in to hot water and thereafter mixed into the soup. Although this is a common method, I find this method made the noodles tasteless. They should use a different type of noodle i.e. min sin (long and short very fine Vermicelli.).