Big shot Lawyer’s daughter

She’s a daughter of a big shot lawyer in Shang Hai. She’s also the girlfriend of a pauper. They are currently living in Malaysia due to leave this August.
They argue all the time and every time it gets worst and worst as she hits people when she’s mad and says things that hurts people. She’s a little bit emotional too.
Last month she tried to commit suicide by slitting her wrist. She had 6 stitches.
2 days ago, she came to my home crying. Her boyfriend just hit her. She has a huge bruise on her eyes. My mum was consoling her as she, in fact, is my mother’s tenant. Her boyfriend is my mother’s tenant as well.
I don’t know what triggered the fight. Maybe she insulted his dick for being small..
Girl: your dick small, I cant feel a thing!!!
Guy: *KAPOW*
(Girls flies to the wall)
Yesterday, they had another row again. They fought again and this time he suffered numerous scratches everywhere. He was forced out from his room (which he shares with her girlfriend) as well.

However, today, he moved back with his girlfriend. Every thing seems to be fine now…

16 thoughts on “Big shot Lawyer’s daughter”

  1. I can imagine the Matrix style flying kick which Trinity gifs the Agents and The Agent then flies down the corridor only to hit a wall and make a hole in it and drop to the ground. ( All this happen in slow motion and wif knives flying around. Only way to explain the cuts)

  2. So xes, did it happen something like that ????And was there a hole in your tenant’s room wall which u later have to fix?

  3. gguni: Got so ganas or not. Xes: Maybe u should “rescue” her from her dickless bf lar. She might come in handy to you when u decided to expand ur firm to Shanghai.

  4. ah boy….go in for the kill la!!! throw one stone let the bf sink deeper into the sea..then u be hero..muaahahaha! then nxt time u can be a big shot lawyer too..with her father’s connections 🙂

  5. buttshaker: go ahead.. she’s mad gguni: hahaafrank: no thank you.. dowan to be whack up kekemie: maybe i’ll tell her that her pussy is too loose thats why.. hehemeng: kang emm lok one la hahaha kim: LOL

  6. i think you should whack her. after she sort of dies, you might want to move on to her bf. Dont whack him, just make him believe he killed her. Note: whack her after he hapened to whack her la.

  7. Steph: mmm… only she is drop dead gorgeous.. but unfortunately…. heheIvan: keke when girls fight, nothing can be done to stop them…Applegal: wahahahahaa frank: no la, i’m on the BF side wahhaaBen: shi de..siao dao hen siang bacteria de kukuciaomeng: dont think u’ll help ehr as well la ahha

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