Bukit Tinggi rave

Bukit Tinggi Rave

It was an exclusive invite only party held at a mountain resort.

It all started off smoothly. Cool open air shutter bus and everyone cheered as we reached the entrance. We were all hyped up and excited as we were waiting to get in..

As we entered the main concourse, someone shouted, “WAH LAO WEHH!!”. That’s an expression of excitement in Hokkien. No doubt, it gave us a very good impression.

There were waiters and waitresses were serving finger food such as sushi and chicken nuggets. Further, there were giving out free alcoholic drinks!

There was a chill out section with bean bags and even a self made garden. Even though it’s common overseas, it’s a rare thing in Malaysia.

Dance floor was spacious and the crowd was good. Girls with skimpy clothes were abundant. Lovely..

Music was fine in the beginning but as soon as NuBreed took over the stage, hell was set loose.

I personally hated the music and most of my friends hated it as well. They were spinning break beats and progressive house. They’re fine but not when you add vocals to it. It wasn’t a rave at all, it was more like a fucking concert.

NuBreed: Give me some noise KL!!
Crowd: Silence…
NuBreed: I don’t hear anything!!
Someone among the crowd: FUCK OFFF!!!

The entire rave sucked. Music was terrible.

It wasn’t worth skipping my early Sunday class for it.. I should stayed home and slept early!!

To those who were there, what do you think about the rave? 😀

18 thoughts on “Bukit Tinggi rave”

  1. hahaha somehow i would like to thank god for making all the raves recently not very enjoyable while im away. hahahaha!!!! eh xes, u sure ur not the one tat shouted fuck off?!!

  2. omg… the chiqs…omfg… the fucking chiqs…Music was ok lah… but not to our taste.But seriously.. it was like a fucking concert rather than a rave.I think most ravers went home dissapointed. How to pei to max like that. lol.

  3. Ben: yeah man..it suckss…mengie: reinfroce 3 was not bad la eke kLexie: breakbeats isnt very popular in clubs or raves but radio stations play it often! 😀 irenekay: give u ticket ah..u dont need to wl4 ah ekek YYUMMIe: 7 hours only? so short? 😀 ivn: yaeh la..bad for peihais like u ahha berry: i totally agree!!! tell that to edwin eheh

  4. xes: I tot u were so enthusiastic about this Bukit Tinggi rave? Hiya….. u should have retired while u were at it :p

  5. xes: Although i admit myself there there’s a difference, still…….p.s. I smell ur lawyer mode kicking in xessssss……..:Þ

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