Biggest emergency of my life..

2 days ago, we had a farewell supper for Soon Loong @ SS2 mamak. He’s leaving the next day so we had a big seafood fest in his honour. Unfortunately, it was too spicy hence I had to drink loads and loads of water.

However, towards the end of the yamcha session, something came up. It was one of the biggest emergencies of my life. I left the place immediately. I drove like mad to get home.

I was so relieved when I finally took the long awaited piss at the toilet. AHHHH..

30 thoughts on “Biggest emergency of my life..”

  1. hahah .. xes … that red blotch at pic no.4 made me thought u flew your car into a building or something … hahah .. nice comic.i like the dude with lopsided eyes in no.1.

  2. i wanted to settle it @ a drain..but there were many ppl screw it la, the more i keep it, the more satisfied i get after i pissed πŸ˜€ ben: not as funny as u heahaeheamikeooi: hehee that red blotch is supposed to be a eum.. effect of banging something.. hehelaine: beer bottlleeeE??? how to fittt??? what if i couldnt aim properlyy?? that time i’ll be pissing and washing my hands @ the same time…wolfx: had diarrhae before.. i couldnt make it…gguni: desperate time calls for desperate measures..eheh

  3. Har har…i just realised the comic has “stress veins”. Kesian. Wah…you didn’t make it. Poor thing. I feel for you.

  4. mie: hehe me n my trademark spiky hairdimsum: i still have an earlobe piercing πŸ˜€ yeah ihave spiky hair..been having it since last feb;D FEr: ;D thanks.. πŸ˜€ penispup: uu might need to live couple of yrs more to know that keekwolfx: was not good i tell u hahahacris: i laugh @ my own comic whenever i read them..damn sohai haha

  5. wtf man..i thot sure damn ‘chi kek’ punya comic lah. like something interesting lah. mapundeks..all for the piss. GGGGRRRRR..*bish*

  6. fool! i thought wtf?mapundeks lah u leong..anyway take care fool! i am leaving tomm! see u arnd lah when i get back or something!will be looking out for sharon *insert evil laughter here*

  7. eraine: kekeke purposely wanna char ppl oen ehheterjin: have fun in brisbane dude!! send sharon my regard πŸ˜€ cm: i wanted to do that..but someone was standing in front of me haeheaheaadeline: thank god i didnt kill anybody πŸ˜€ maeve: πŸ˜€ fr0stie: lmao? laughing my asshole out?penispup: $#$@$#@

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