bimbobum is the latest entry to the guest bloggers list. As you can see, 80% of the guest bloggers are not active. Even Frank, who has been elevated to partner from guestblogger, has been inactive too.
Fortunately, bimbobum has been actively updating this website otherwise this website would be left despaired.
I have been getting many enquiries from people about bimbobum’s identity. Her ex boyfriend stories made people wonder how she looks like and so on. However, she prefers to remain anonymous as such her identity is a secret here.
Due to the secrecy, she cannot appear in public as bimbobum. I’ve suggested that she wears a paper bag in the event that we are going to have a gathering.
Since she has been actively involved in this website, I have made her a profile page. Her picture and email are included in it.. Visit !
Please email her your fan mails and hate mails!

27 thoughts on “Bimbobum”

  1. DieHardX: forever only you want to see fanky topless in brokeback action, is it? heheheh.
    ben: i’m too embarrassed to admit that’s me. ;P

  2. I’m surprised that bimbobum haven’t chased u around with a chainsaw yet, xes. Either she’s too nice or abit slow….. XD

  3. swt………………. wats tat XXXX in the mouth and y was the XXXX with the chest….i tot it wasnt naked…… omg omg

  4. WAT WAT???? put details, but not the picture la. hehe. not even a Paris Hilton paperbag. hmmph
    peggy: thanks!!!! ;P
    endroo G: founder of dumb? ;P JK!!!!!!

  5. endroo: world cup hasn’t started, watch tv rest of the nite for wat. ;P
    (AHAHHAHAHAHAHaHAHAHAHAHAHAHahh… sorry, i’m just laughing at wolfx’s shock.)
    note to boob_omatic: the real thing MAY be revealed soon la, not to worry. 😉 but ya, such an unflattering picture of me, that one on my profile. ;P

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