when i was in primary 5, one of my girlfriends urgently left in the middle of class and took forever to return. whispers went around the classroom and everyone pointed at her chair. i too, looked at her chair, and it was bloody like hell. i got excited and couldn’t wait to go home and tell my mum about the drama.
“ma! my friend almost bled to death today! her chair was so bloody!”
hmm, gosh, i was such a busybody! my mum had to calm me down and tell me it was that ‘thing‘ she will soon tell me about. which she did, “one day you will start bleeding from down there. and you will have to start wearing pads.”
when it came, i didn’t even know it was my period. imagine that, i was such an idiot. hehe. i just told her i was wiping my bum and suddenly there was blood. of course, my mum checked to see if i had some weird infection in my bum hole, but it was actually my period. wrong place, ooops. yuck.
as i was reading francine pascal‘s sweet valley twins and all at that time, the girls were always anxiously waiting to have their period, to feel like a teenager. to feel all grown up or whatever la. so i told my cousin (who read those books, too) that i got my period. and she asked me how i felt.
was it such a big deal? i told her, “nothing.” but no, that wasn’t good enough for her. she was excited for me because she hadn’t had hers yet, and kept bugging me, “are you sure?? surely you feel something, like all grown up??”
so i made her happy and changed my answer, “uhmm… yeah, it’s good!”
i was such a liar.
anyway, i received this by email today:

“Re:Period Caution
It has been a traditional theory that ladies are not suppose to wash their hair during their period. But there are no solutions to the question why? The victim will only realise at their later stage of their life, facing the symptoms of breast and ovary cancer.
Today ladies still wash their hair during their period with the thinking that they will be safe if they blow dry their hair.
But this will not prevent them from getting the cancer. Please read the article below: ..”

for the full version, read here.
everyone thinks it rubbish. i think so too. but that didn’t stop me from believing my grandma when i was younger, not to wash my hair on the first day of my period or my dark circles will be worse. oh, and really, not to drink sour drinks eat sour stuff AND not to eat or drink anything cold. hehe. ;P
taking evening primrose oil (EPO) as supplements does help to ease the stomach cramps though. ;P
there are so many superstitions that surround this ‘thing‘ and there’s one which i simply cannot understand – refund of pads. if you so happen not to have one if your period comes during school hours and you get one from a friend, you’ll have to give one back to your friend the very next day. you’re not allowed to “owe” your friend pads or some shit like that. a friend even came after me when i forgot to give one in return. sheesh.
p.s. are you that cute fair chinese guy in black at william’s just now? you looked at me, i looked at you. and then i looked at you again, and then you looked at me again? ;P i wanna ask you out! hehe. ;PpPPp you so cute!!! i was wearing black too. ;P

19 thoughts on “period”

  1. so… how’s it feel during pms? can describe a bit the feeling, the mood, the annoyance (if any) so that we guys can understand how is it feel..

  2. endroo G: erm, PMS ah, sometimes acne breakout, a lot of food cravings, the moody part depends on each person la. easily annoyed with ppl when in general not so…
    xes: heh? wat’s it got to do with shit? that’s like giving birth is it..
    DieHardX: southpark? ;D i like!!!
    karheng: haiyaaaa… the guy left so early. i thought i could get his number or something. ;(

  3. dowan to go there anymore!!!!! soooooooo expensive can die, man.
    uhm, go there just to find the guy meh? hehehe. ;P become stalker.

  4. The food sucks & expensive at williams. Prefer murni. 😛 At first, i thought wht kind of picture is tht? Why isit brown in color instead of red? lol.

  5. i duno about the food there…never tried..i know it’s exp. Klang food still the best! hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaahhahahah

  6. Where is William’s anyway? and like what karheng said… me too… at first (at a glance) I was wondering why the “peanut butter” is brown instead of red…..
    Happy pms’ing.

    *laughs til tummy ache*
    woi!! now i can’t look at my peanut butter without thinking of ………… i’d better not say.
    i crave for sweet stuff when PMS-ing la.

  8. hehe, i still remember back when i was a prefect at school we used to conduct spot checks on illegal items (porno, weapons, etc), once i found a bunch of stuff inside a plastic bag, and i was trying to feel the contents. suddently there’s this girl bursting to the class and almost slap me for it.
    i ask her what it was, she just say that its some girl stuff. well, it felt kinda squishy. hehe.
    i so was clueless then. 😀

  9. xes: aiyo, i’m sure he meant the unused ones la. euw.
    fanky: i thought you paktoh la! last time i went there also you were at another shop instead. ;P dowan to disturb la. stupid meal cost RM30. can die!

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