Branded cosmestic

My colleague, K and I were commenting on an interesting advertisement.
K: Immaculate services, hair grooming and finger nail clipping, wah, branded cosmetic to compliment the make up
Out of no where.
E (female colleague): I WANT I WANT!! Branded cosmetic!! Where???
K: It’s at Nilai Memorial Park. The full-page advert is by a company offering female embalmers and beauticians for female deceased! You want to book in advance eh?
US: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 thoughts on “Branded cosmestic”

  1. Damn! I should’ve thought of this business plan…..add in “herbal ingredients” and some fengshui shit and all the aunties will come to my company before they die. 😛
    But quite “unnerving” la that ad. Show them working on a cadaver like that.

  2. peggy & boobs: hehe yeah. 😀
    cheryl: yeah man.. reminds me of that drama 6 feet under
    wolfx: apparently this type of ad is quite common in japan

  3. hehehhe….i wonder if those ppl that are concerned with male embalmist are afraid of necrophiliacs. Ngek ngek.

  4. xes: maybe next time when these ads become the norm, they will make it like marie france body line. Take some celebrity dead person, show his mangled face/body, BEFORE…AFTER….mwahhahha.
    Man black humour today…

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