Law and Medicine…

NOTE:This article is written without prejudice to both the profession of lawyer and doctor. If you find this article too offensive to you, it is just meant to be a joke and the author have no whatsoever intention of defaming or degrading either profession. This is solely the author’s view.
We all know that lawyer and doctor are consider the two most pretigious profession in a traditional, conventional thinking chinese family. But, what is the difference between the two profession in practice?
When a person who had been served a summon claiming over RM1 Million, he goes to a lawyer.
A: Lawyer! Lawyer! please help me. Somone suing me for RM1 Million lar..die lar, i am screwed this time. My wife and children will starve to death. My life will be over!!!! HELP ME!!!
Lawyer: (after looking at the summon) Ok no problem, i will save you.
A: How much will you charge me?
Lawyer: RM100,000 only.
A: HUH!!!! U MAD AR!!!
But, when a person who had a critical disease goes to a doctor.
A: Doctor! Doctor! Please help me, i am going to die soon.
Doctor: (after looking at the medical report) No problem, i will save you.
A: How much will you charge me?
Doctor: RM100,000
A: OK!
When the lawyer fight off the RM1 Million suit against the person and save his life from collasping
A: Thank you ar, Lawyer.
Lawyer: This is your bill
A: Crazy ar! RM100,000. I don’t want to pay!
Lawyer: But you agreed? You said that you shall be grateful to me if i save your life and shall pay RM100,000.
A: Why u so greedy. You lauya buruk lar…charge so much, go to hell lar.
Lawyer: ….
A: Give discount lar then i will pay.
Then the Lawyer will have no choice but to give him 50% discount.
But, the doctor cured the person from the critical disease
A: Doctor, you are my saviour! You save my life!!!
Doctor: Nah…RM100,000 bill
A: Of cos, i will pay. You are the angel of my life!
He doesn’t even ask for a discount.
When a lawyer lose the person’s case because the opponent had a solid good case against him.
A: Pukimah (“motherfucker”), you lauya buruk. Now, my life gone lar now. I hope you die tommorow and rod in hell! Don’t even wish that i will pay you a cent. If you want, you sue me lar!!!
He will scold the lawyer till his kingdom come.
But, when a doctor fail to cure the person
A: Doctor, i know you have try your best already. Thank you very much.

9 thoughts on “Law and Medicine…”

  1. Waahahaha!! Yeah, actually law is a kesian profession – Will kena marah by the judges, yelled at by the clients and the public want to beat you up. Sigghhhh. . .

  2. hor hor hor… i owes kena marah oso wat… kena marah cause i always do my assignment, then my friends tiru, then salah they marah me :'(

  3. not exactly true u know.. what my friend told me is that if an operation goes wrong, the patient can sue the doctor.. and it has happened before.. one reason why some doctors wouldn’t accept complicated surgeries like nerve and what not..

  4. frank nowadays there are tons of medical negligence suits la. and if client don wanna pay lawyer sue them la easy

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