Buddy Up and be rewarded with amazing trips!


Although we left school more than 10 years ago, my high school buddies and I still hang out together. Some of them have left the Malaysia and settled overseas. Three of them have settled down in Australia namely in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Nevertheless, we still keep in touch and we will all hang out when they are back. Whenever they are back, we would make a road trip. Our last trip was to Pulau Tioman. We spent quite a lot of time sight seeing.

Went swimming. My buddies tried to merge themselves into a boat for my other buddy to ride on -_-

To travel around Pulau Tioman. 12 of us cramped in a van with deflated tyres -_-

We played futsal in the evening.

And night time, drinking!

However, getting there was terrible. We missed our ferry and somehow got some strangers to send us to Pulau Tioman using a fisherman’s boat.

This wooden boat had no toilet. The sea was choppy and we got seasick halfway. When we arrived at Pulau Tioman, the boatman dropped us on the wrong jetty and he decided to abandon us at the jetty! We found some fisherman to send us to the hotel jetty.

It was a terrible 8 hours ordeal -_-

But the trip was well worth it. We rarely get to hangout due to our locations and busy schedules.

If I am rich, I would sponsor all my buddies for a road trip to Australia to meet up with our other buddies staying in Australia! No more fisherman’s boat!

Perhaps I should get Great Eastern to help me. Great Eastern is celebrating its 103rd anniversary and they’re giving away cash and trips worth more than RM55,000.

All I need to do is sign up, create a wishlist and invite my friends to Buddy Up with me. If I have the most friends who Buddy Up with me, I will be rewarded with fantastic trips of my choice! I get to bring 3 of my friends along. Check out the prizes below! The Grand Prize is worth RM 16,000!

Other than the above prizes, there will be weekly winners. The top participant with the most friends who Buddy Up with him/her in a particular week gets rewarded with cash! And the cash amount goes up week after week!!

You have until 4 December 2011 to invite friends to Buddy Up with you. Who knows, that theme park holiday to Disneyland, Hong Kong or to Gold Cost, Australia might just be yours. Good luck!

Visit www.Lifeisgreat.com.my to join!

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