Nimmanhaemin Road, Chiang Mai

On our first day, we had couple of hours to kill before the start of the conference. Instead of sleeping, we got our hotel to drop us at Niammanhaemin Road.

This place is filled with trendy pubs, cafes and boutiques. Filled with is an understatement. The whole place is packed with them!

Each road has a list of the shops

The facade and interior designs of these places are very well designed. So good that it makes you think that whatever that they are selling are good too.

One of the nicest shops I went was Silverbirch, a shop selling wooden carving. The entire shop is dedicated to selling miniature wood carving which are mostly pigs.

Jack bought a few pigs with letters and had the shop glued them together to from a word.

This place has a few stand alone premises with different stores. Interesting concept.

The only problem with this place is that they don’t have many boutiques that cater men. I wanted to get some local designer’s stuff but unfortunately, I couldn’t find many shops that cater men!

In any event, this place is a good place for photography. I’ll definitely come back again.

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