I didn’t do anything particular today. It’s just like any other ordinary day, late for classes, being embarrassed in the Japanese classes and my weekly groceries shopping trip. While I was walking towards Somerfield (the grocery shop), I passed a flower shop. There was a stack of cactus plants lying on the ground selling for £1.99 each. I paused and took a look at it and said to myself, “hmm, getting a cactus for my room would be a good idea”. I picked a greenish cactus with no spiky thorns. It looked like a fat juicy cactus with fat thorns.

I use to have cactuses back in Malaysia. They don’t require much attention or care. All I need to do is just water them sometimes.

When I was in Primary school, one of my former tenants used to have a cactus. She named it “Serious” (I’ve no idea why people name their plants and I don’t intent to name mine). She gave the plant to me when she moved out from the house. However, after few months, it died. I was so scared that she would come back one day to take back the plant. Fortunately, I’ve never seen her ever since the day she left.

i'm a cam boy alreadehh
me and me cactus