Cadbury Bites™

One of the latest products from Cadbury. Cheapest retail price is at RM2.30 from Jusco supermarkets.

Opening the packet, my friend looked at the squares excitedly. She said they reminded her of Pods.
To her dismay, she said they tasted horrible and she generously gave me the whole packet. -_-
I told her they couldn’t be that bad and took the whole packet. After a few pieces, I had to admit that they weren’t great. They weren’t worth the money and calories. The cereal coating gives the chocolate a “malty” after taste. Remember Horlicks‘ sweets called “Malties“? They sometimes stick to your teeth and you have to dig them up with your finger/fingernail? Yep. That’s the one.
I couldn’t taste the chocolate – how pathetic! Might as well give me Koko Krunch!
So don’t waste your money on this if you’re looking for something purely chocolate.

Ooh, look, so cute! Cadbury Bites AND the colour purple is a trademark belonging to Cadbury.
Give me imported chocolate anytime …

14 thoughts on “Cadbury Bites™”

  1. pokai: wheatbix?
    pikey: aiks, u mean u’ve bought them before?
    iv’N & endroo: but we’re not talkin about cereal!
    Sui Lin & piffles: Pods is that good huh?
    Darren: of coz belgian chocolates are better! ;P

  2. Sorry i was refering to weetbix (sanitarium)…aussie aussie aussie go go go..nah.. 😛 tsk tsk..the cereal puff mislead kids into thinking that it’s healthy to consume them, so sad. ;P

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