The Bimbobum Show

I’ve decided to be a talk show host. How difficult can it be, to have my own talk show?

I don’t like channel surfing and coming across talk shows hosted by celebrities, e.g. Oprah, David Letterman, Tyra Banks, etc. OK, David Letterman isn’t that bad, but the ones for women ………. o_O
The non-celebrity guests come on tv to air their dirty laundry. Who the hell cares that she stole her best friend’s boyfriend 3 years ago and now feels bad, so please put her on air so she can publicly apologise to her ex-best friend? Or that he doesn’t understand why he’s mistreating his wife so they’d like to talk about their problems in front of the whole wide world and gain sympathy from Oprah?

Gimme a break. You know what I’m talking about.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me. *wipe away tears* I really love her, but I can’t stand to sleep in the same bed with her. She’s my wife, I should make love to her, but I enjoy looking at child pornography on the internet instead.”

Oprah or Tyra Banks or Ricki Lake will then answer, “You know you’re wrong, don’t you? How does it feel to realise your mistake now? What do you think you should do about it?”
Sad hubby will then answer mournfully, while sobbing on his wife’s shoulder, “I don’t know. *sobs pathetically* I’ll make it up to her …… I want our marriage to work. I just hope she’s patient enough to wait for me to be cured.”


Or the ex-best friend:

“I realised that I shouldn’t have stolen my best friend’s boyfriend. *sniffs* After all these years, despite being happy with my boyfriend, I realised that she has been my only best friend. After losing her, I’ve been lost. Everytime I look at him, I see my best friend …..”


Chinese believe that you should not air your dirty laundry in public. Private affairs remain behind closed doors. The westerners think differently, of course – the more publicised, the better!

So, I’m going to propose to xes for a talk show on It’s so easy! Who would like to be our first guests on the show? ;D Make sure your laundry is dirty – the dirtier the better!

p.s. No, send your real laundry to the kedai dobi lah, not to me, thank you!

20 thoughts on “The Bimbobum Show”

  1. tyra banks show is horrible. watched it and almost wanted to jump off my balcony. couldn’t tahan.
    p.s. you do a talk show? frank as a guest? *LOL* wonder if that’ll last. bWaHahAHA~

  2. AHLOKKOR: depends on ma boss! i think siao siao ppl easier to get – most of the readers are siao wat! ;P
    wolfx: testtest wat?
    piffles: frank hensem wat ;P
    booby: but got money!

  3. bimbo: so… u gotta have some topic for the talk show and see if anyone interested. ie. Pokai… why he’s pokai, is pokai as in broke something nice to be?! etc.
    or maybe boob_omatic… why he like boob, did he stare engrossedly at someone’s boob or do he feel like having boobs ?! etc etc.

  4. xes… then you be the one to officiate the Bimbobum Show.
    bimbo, sex scandal ?? Like Frank and his lady client whom he telephoned and she was “ummh ahhh uummph arrhh” ??? kekekek.

  5. Okok, make it an explosive first episode. Lets have a high school teacher sleeping with a form 2 student…..Now who wants to volunteer to be the teacher 😛
    I can be the ‘drama’ coordinator….:)

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