Can’t Get A Date?

I was watching some show on MTV the other day, “VH1’s Can’t Get A Date”. One guy was approached as to why he was always unlucky with getting a date, so he was made over to see whether there’d be improvement – which worked. I felt that the guy was stupid enough not to have seen his mistakes himself and to be knocked on the head with brutal and straightforward comments on the show was very deserving.
Tips I picked up, which you may want to tell your friends who have been dateless all this while:

1. Outward appearances are always first to be noticed. The guy hardly changed his clothes – euw! Dressing accordingly also helps, don’t try to dress like a 20-year-old if you’re 35. (Dress like you’re 30, maybe?)
2. Sunglasses/shades worn indoors is a big no-no. The guy was told this, because he didn’t need prescription but he wore one, because he thought he looked cool. Its frames were red. Yikes. So it’s not cool, it makes you look stupid.
A few girls on the show were asked their opinion and they didn’t like guys in shades indoors, and at night. One girl commented that being unable to look into his eyes while talking to him, did not make her feel comfortable. (I asked some friends this and they agreed, they were turned off by guys in shades worn indoors and at night.)
3. Acting like a jerk is not cool, despite what you want to believe. Insulting behaviour is not to be confused with sarcasm and witty humour. It makes you look like an ill-mannered and uneducated person.
The guy tried to pick up a girl by asking what she was doing as a living. The next thing he said was, “Oh, you must make a lot of money doing that. I bet you get to eat out a lot and dress up in designer clothes all the time.” This was considered rude!
4. First impressions count. No matter what they say, you have to charm the girls and make them feel relaxed around you. Show your wit, not anger or abrupt attitude (which is a defense mechanism).
5. Your job is to get their number. Yes, apparently the guy should always work for the girl’s number. Giving your name card is considered a cowardly approach!
And never be afraid of rejection. Technically, it’s a psychological thing. If you approach a girl for her number with “I know she’s not going to give it to me” in your head, they you’re bound to screw up and not get it. So get that thought out of your head when you’re working on it.

Some of this may not work here, it sounds rather American to me. But it should work, because it’s common sense. i agree with all the above! ;P
I don’t know when it’s going to be on MTV again, but you should watch it. šŸ˜‰

18 thoughts on “Can’t Get A Date?”

  1. Hi Bimbobum, you seem like a nice and friendly person. Can I please have your number so we can catch up sometimes.

  2. TAKE 2
    Hi there foxy lady… you look HAWT!!! and mighty fine girrl. We should hook up and get our freak ON… so give me your number so I can hollar at yah B#T@H.
    LOL…hmmm…i think i may have gone to far with that one.

  3. wah.. so easy one! ok tmr i go try…
    *Run up to a girl… and say… “hey, sry but i think u’ve dropped this ( small folded piece of paper ) ” *
    *goes away after she takes it*
    *girl opens it and see * ” 016-1234567 CALL ME ”

  4. Haiya…I not so creative…
    So how?
    Women feel comfortable among queers.
    Maybe we straights have to be a bit more …metro? (not queer ar!)
    Saying maybe…
    “That’s real lovely hair, where did u get them done? I Just LOVE the color when the light shines on it..” (then nods head a bit looking at her hair in appreciation)
    Would that make her feel comfortable? šŸ˜›

  5. lolz….i’m not good at this…thx for the tips anyway XD
    haha….i only will….sit there…if so lucky got girl come and chat with me…i sure said 1 thing 1st….i’m a very quiet person…u sure wanna chat with me?? Xp

  6. ffmichael: when you’re shy, just ask general questions: what are you doing here? do you come here often? hot day today, isn’t it? you like the music here? service here sucks, doesn’t it? oh, i’m (your name), btw, and you are? …..
    you’ve got a starting point already. šŸ˜‰
    pokai: hhmm, sometimes the girl can do all the chatting, you’d be surprised šŸ˜‰
    karheng: if you’re surrounded by your friends most of the time, it will be hard for the girl to approach you. make sure you have a smile on your face (look approachable) and say hi, at least! follow the americans, enter the lift – say hi to whoever is in it (*ahem* girls la, of cos). anywhere also say hi if it’s just you and the girl.
    one way of being a bit friendly ;P

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