Welcome to Malaysia

the land where some people are ‘boh tak chek’ (If I’m not mistaken, “boh tak chek” is a phrase in Hokkien (Chinese dialect) which means “never study”. This word is usually used against people who are rude and has no regard to any rules)

snatch theft is so rampant that we have signboards warning people about it

Signboard @ Seremban Market

and where some of our politicians are like this

[video source: http://kennethtiong.blogspot.com

46 thoughts on “Welcome to Malaysia”

  1. insomnia san: if im not mistaken, under ISA, the Minister may order a person to be detained to prevent him from acting in any manner which is prejudicial to the security of Malaysia

  2. Hey I also don’t know what does the hand signal mean either πŸ˜›
    Remember they wanted to arrest snatch thieves and rice smugglers under the ISA at one point in the past?

  3. Pokai& Applegal: I CANT BELIEVE SOME PEOPLE DOESNT KNOW WHAT THAT HAND SIGNAL MEANS!!! Is Malaysian censorship law that good to deprive many of us of the true meaning of that brada hood sign??
    snatch thieves under ISA?? never heard of it. heh.

  4. can someone tell us wat that meaning is? aside from being as bad as the mid finger… =x
    i truly dun know wat it is… =x

  5. lol.seriously i cant belif politician doing dat.moreover malaysian wo.it would be different if its taiwanese.
    whats his name again?Nazri izit?
    and y did he mencarut? pukimak haha

  6. well thanks XES… that minister? lolz… but i wondering in history… who is the founder for the meaning- middle finger=Vulgar…
    any historian ere?
    whose the founder? and this politician do those sign… got come out in newspaper or not? hehe

  7. Politician doing those sign? What a disgrace to his family! As a member that represents his state or country doing this type of action!!!
    Anyway welcome to MALAYSIA!!! oh ya we should get some pictures telling M’sia is clean (long kang and Lorong Haji Taib)

  8. This country is ruled by corrupt and weak leaders. First world infrastructure, 3rd world mentality. Tax payers money all going into politician pockets.

  9. okcompy: Tell me in which country this does not happen. You go capitalist (so-called clean & developed) countries, there is massive corporate corruption involving CEOs and politicians. No society is perfect. Everyone has their own agenda and selfish purpose and that includes leaders of nations.

  10. cnigel: no la. not nazri.
    kenneth: heh, i found it looking at the jay chow video you posted on your blog.
    insomnia: not that minister. minister of internal security i presume
    AHLOKKOR: Well said!!
    endroo: hmmmmmm not sure where it came from
    darren: what does ngaiti means?

  11. hmm…..interesting…I’m from oz…i wonder if my malaysian friends will understand what it means if I show them.

  12. Does any1 know who that politican is directing the gesture to and why?
    I cant imagine or remember a politician from another country sticking their figures up at another person…your country ROCKS!

  13. well, off topic, but hey, surfed in from sixthseal.com. u have a fantastic site. love the photos, and love the layout. nice.

  14. endroo: ahhaha i’ve no idea. gotta ask kennethtiong la.
    Scuzzy: LOL no idea who the politician was directing his gesture to. maybe to an opposition politician heh.
    Darren: ooooh ngai emm ti tau

  15. Scuzzy: if u can read this…
    News always shows that Taiwan’s politicians end up in fist fights and chair or glass throwing during parliamentary meetings..and it isn’t just men..

  16. wtf πŸ˜› i am no gay blurfcuk!
    bimbobum is a guy? O.o
    eh bimbobum, what long time no c. i’ve been all along what! -.-”
    so so. whois the politician πŸ˜›

  17. karheng: Your rite…LOL. They have really bad temper…scared to loss face or something.
    Anyway, the worst politician is George W Bush…his a real dumb ass.

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