Cars with Figurines

I thought having Doraemon painted on a car is a little bit overboard.

But this Pajero with car plate no. WGM340 defined the new meaning of overboard.

I think the owner is trying to populate this side now…

How many cartoon characters can you spot? Let’s see…

Doraemon, Ronald McDonald, Colonel Sanders, Donald Duck, Hamburgler, Mario Bros, Goofy, Ultraman, Aladdin, Spiderman, Hello Kitty, Tweety Bird, Astro Boy, Batman, Minnie Mouse, Keropi, Tigger, My Little Pony, Dragon Ball, Jumbo, Santa Claus?

9 thoughts on “Cars with Figurines”

  1. Omg. That is damn freaking funny. I noticed though he has the same ninja turtle from MCDs that i have. Michaelangelo! Hehe

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