Aman Suria 7-11

Since most pubs and clubs closes at 3AM, alcoholics like the likes of Umeng, Tay, Kok Wing and Big Ben had to find new places to quench their thirst. Aman Suria 7-11 is our new hangout place. The place is quiet and beer is readily available.

The rivalry between Old Klang Road and PJ is getting tense lately. Both camps claim that they could drink better than each other. So this time round, it’s Tay, Umeng and I against Big Ben and Kok Wing. Sitting by the road side, with DJ Kutski’s music blaring out from my car and tons of beer to compete, we started off sip by sip. Then some one went overboard by suggesting that we shotgun our beers.

Shotgunning is a means of consuming a canned beverage, especially beer, very quickly by a particular technique involving punching a hole in the side of the can near the bottom.[Will explain the shotgun process on my next post]


The first and second cans were alright. But by the third can, I passed out in the car.

Big Ben & PassedOutXes

F*cker Ben..revenge, I SHALL SEEK!!

Umeng and Tay had to fight the battle for me.

So after 2 or 3 more shot guns,

Kok Wing surrendered.

Big Ben vomited. HAHA!!

Tay managed to dig out a piece of fuchuk from Ben’s vomit. It was a WHOLE BLOODY PIECE OF FUCHUK!! Looks like Big Ben swallows his food directly more than chewing it 😀


Tay’s car grew another tyre. HAHA!!


Old Klang Road won of course!

Disclaimer: We are currently not accepting anymore challenges or new participants in the Old Klang Road v PJ competition.

Bass Agents @ ZOUK KL 14.1.2006l

One word, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Bass Agents for the guest list. And my personal thanks to didjital for the help. I pledge my utmost support to the Bass Agents! Wee! And of course, thanks to those who helped, you know who you are, I can’t reveal what has happened!

Fono warmed up for the Bass Agents until 1PM. As soon as BA took over, hard thumping hard style started playing. The crowd lifted their hands up in the air. It was ala Nazi hand salute.

Kenneth and Hoong – The Bass Agents

We had 8 bottles of Black Label opened. Drinks were flowing non stop. So was my money. And so was my soberness. Yet another mabuk (drunk) session!

Bass Agents @ ZOUK Video – Anyone knows whats the title of this song ?

The legendary Uncle Shuffler in action.

Birthday Boy Sow and Big Ben

Tay and Kok Wing – Tay was about to put his tongue through his fingers too bad my camera was faster.

Sam and Don

JaCJaC & Brisbane Sharon

Christina and TwinkyBlueFairy

Sow, TwinkyBlueFairy, Brisbane Sharon and I

Red Lobster Me & eraine

Towards the end of the night, the music got harder. The crowd went crazy.

The Bass Agents continue spinning even though the time limit of 3AM has passed and the air condition has been turned off. Loads of people stayed on even though the night has ended.

A Class performance I would say. Furry Gostan, please go home!

Road Angels

Need a ride home? Your so called designated driver drank more than you? Grab a taxi, how about your car?
Call the Road Angels !!!

Hotline: 012-636 5775 (9pm to 3.15am)
SMS: 017-6666 575 (24 hours)

They will come and get you, send you home in the comfort of your own car and you dont need to worry about retrieving it the next morning (when you’re too busy nursing a hangover) – or when you’re getting lucky 😉

New Years Eve 2005

Most of my friends decided to have a quiet new year this year. But I wanted to see fireworks hence I took the risk of being stuck in a jam and headed straight to KLCC.

But it only took me 10 minutes to reach KL. I parked my car in my office and walked towards KLCC. The roads weren’t jam at all. I guess it’s because of the heavy rain prior to the event.

There was some sort of free rave sponsored by Celcom, a telephone service provider. International DJs, Filterheadz and Above and Beyond were spinning.

Backstage. KLCC park is behind the wall. Look at the amount of people!

Since the rave was free, all sort of people ranging from tudong clad girls to foreigners attended the rave. Some were standing on the dance floor like they’re watching a show but some understood the whole concept of rave, hence they danced.

DJ Blink was already spinning when I arrived. The crowd seems responsive. But one of the Filterheadz boys commented that the crowd was a little bit cold. Quite true, I could only see the front row and the middle row of the crowd dancing to the music.

DJ Blink in the house!

However, as soon as Filterheadz took over, the crowd started dancing. They started off with some house and moved to techno. Filterheadz were great!

Filterheadz’s gadgets

17 Seconds before 2006!

As soon as the clock hit 12AM, fire works sprung out from the bushes. The first few blasts were great but soon the remaining fireworks were covered by the thick smoke. At last, fireworks!!

The crowd celebrating year 2006


Above and Beyond took over an hour later. The crowd were responding well. In response to that, the organizers threw loads of glow sticks to the crowd.

Filterheadz and one of the organizers

(L-R) DJs Filterheadz and Above and Beyond

DJ Blink, DJ Anatta & DJ Goldfish

DJ Blink, Not-a-DJ xes & DJ Goldfish

The rave ended at 2AM.

Unfortunately, 2006 doesn’t seem to be significant to me. It’s just another year. Despite the negativity, I hope for a good year!

Happy New Year everyone!