Bass Agents @ ZOUK KL 14.1.2006l

One word, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Bass Agents for the guest list. And my personal thanks to didjital for the help. I pledge my utmost support to the Bass Agents! Wee! And of course, thanks to those who helped, you know who you are, I can’t reveal what has happened!

Fono warmed up for the Bass Agents until 1PM. As soon as BA took over, hard thumping hard style started playing. The crowd lifted their hands up in the air. It was ala Nazi hand salute.

Kenneth and Hoong – The Bass Agents

We had 8 bottles of Black Label opened. Drinks were flowing non stop. So was my money. And so was my soberness. Yet another mabuk (drunk) session!

Bass Agents @ ZOUK Video – Anyone knows whats the title of this song ?

The legendary Uncle Shuffler in action.

Birthday Boy Sow and Big Ben

Tay and Kok Wing – Tay was about to put his tongue through his fingers too bad my camera was faster.

Sam and Don

JaCJaC & Brisbane Sharon

Christina and TwinkyBlueFairy

Sow, TwinkyBlueFairy, Brisbane Sharon and I

Red Lobster Me & eraine

Towards the end of the night, the music got harder. The crowd went crazy.

The Bass Agents continue spinning even though the time limit of 3AM has passed and the air condition has been turned off. Loads of people stayed on even though the night has ended.

A Class performance I would say. Furry Gostan, please go home!

11 thoughts on “Bass Agents @ ZOUK KL 14.1.2006l”

  1. Its a wonder that when most pppl look stoned/tired/drunk, xes always manages a non-drunk non-hamsap smile….which of course is just a sham. 😛

  2. rych: read today’s star newspaper. other than those 2, they have gangagugu, feilou and another fellow which i forgot.
    darren: ferry gostan makes more sense actually keke
    wolfx: cause i’m not hamsap kekeke
    BigBen: woooo max B grant!! i love his tracks! pls send me open your mind (Dj neo mix) !!

  3. Yeah you look fine, except that you’re all red. My friends have an incriminating photo of me with rosy cheeks wearing a red cowboy hat, a bottle of heineken in one hand, the other hand doing a peace sign, and the goofiest grin on my face. >_______<;;;;

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