Sheffield University photos

To those who didn’t know, I graduated from Sheffield University.

Sheffield is a beautiful place. So beautiful till every scenery looks like a photo opportunity

It was a bright and sunny day, so I decided to snap some pictures. Here are the photos:

Arts Tower – the tallest building in Sheffield

An aerial view of Sheffield from Arts Tower

Paternoster lift – An elevator constructed of a series of doorless compartments hung on chains that move slowly and continuously, allowing passengers to step on and off at will.

Main library

Despite its beauty, Sheffield is a boring place. You can actually die of boredom there. If you send someone to live there alone, he will start talking to himself and see weird shit. Well, if you had the right friends who shares the same enthusiasm with you, it would be a great place. But for me, not in front of the computer playing computer games or in front of the television playing PS2!!

17 thoughts on “Sheffield University photos”

  1. frostie: I AM NOT A GAMER

    cm: layaning session was syok..but other than that..mahai..utopia and al..SUCKS big time!!

    sow: hehehe i made a research on it liao, cannot commit suicde onee…and there’s string you can pull on every floor to stop the lift šŸ˜€

  2. hei there were layaning sessions too ok!!! and u should try to caltivate an interest in utopia and warcraft3 and dynasty warrior 4! it’s good for u, just like vegetables and brocolli!

  3. waaaah.. R&D somemore on the lift suicide theory somemore ah… I like the landscape la.. very nice houses, hills and the clouds…and the library is so spacious and bright… so nice….

  4. They are currently doing some renovation to the library…Xes: didn’t know you study in the main library! What happened to Crookesmoor?

  5. pikey: more pics to come šŸ˜€ daniel: for the love of god, please stop playing utopia…hehehedimsum: yeah i sometime study in the main library šŸ˜€ usually after my japanese classes..

  6. hehe i haf to agree with leong on that, those utopia discussions u guys had over breakfast lunch teatime dinner suppertime and the in betweens were such downers-la šŸ˜‰ one of those kinda anti-social topics of conversation. there’s life beyond utopia u know!! šŸ˜€

  7. hei come on don’t tell me that my conversations revolved around nothing but utopia, that absolute bullshit. wen dee u dare say that? hehe wanna let everyone know what we talk about? hahahahaha!!! so since u can indulge in conversations that u guys understand, why can’t u guys at least make the effort to indulge in conversations us utopians understand?

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