Cats are the dumbest animal.

No offence to cat owners/lovers. Cats are dumb especially stray ones.
Look at the statistic of road kills, I bet cats top the chart! Every month, there would be at least 1 dead cat on my road. It’s either Malaysians love killing cats or Malaysians drive carelessly.
See Frank’s post on Two Cats and my post on RIP Little Kitten
While driving back from Glow 2, a cat suddenly popped out of no where and ended up in front of my speeding car. I pressed the break hard and my car…

flipped turtle…nah..just kidding, it was just loud screeching sound.
The cat vanished though. I don’t know whether I killed it or it managed to escape. Damn..stupid cat!

The said cat looks like this.
A friend of mine had a similar incident. He was driving with a friend, B. A cat popped out from no where and hence the cat got ran over.
B: oh was an accident worries.
(Looks @ the back mirror)
Cat rolls left to right before taking its last breath.
W: ARGGHHH!!!! B!!!! I’M A MURDERER!! (LOL, he didn’t say that, just to dramatize things)
W: ………B…. I need to be alone now..
W immediately dropped B and he drove as fast as he could to a particular place.
Apparently he went to a temple to pray…to cleanse his sins I guess 😀

24 thoughts on “Cats are the dumbest animal.”

  1. hmm weird…a cat shouldn’t die so easily from road accidents, because they are able to survive despite being run over. If you run over a cat while braking then of course the bugger will die..but if u move fast, the cat will have a higher chance of survival

  2. if i move fast then the cat has a higher chance of survival?
    how can that happen? first thing they had to endure is the fraction and momentum of the moving tyre. so if i run over the bugger @ 100km/h, the cat has higher chances of survival rather than me stopping which reduces the speed dramatically?

  3. hehehe..long time no see ah boy 🙂 but i have to admit…cats really are f**king dumb….i ran over a few near my gf’s place….they’re like looking for an opportunity to die by standing at the side of the road and run out when im there…..but i always run over them only…couldnt be bothered to jam brake or anything….waste my rubber…tires went up in price u know.. 😛

  4. yeah, in malaysia i see dead cats almost everyday when i drive to uni.. at LEAST one and always near the turning to the main roundabout in subang -.- though i see plenty of dead birds in melb here *wonders*

  5. jean: hehe different country, different road kills huh. kangaroos are quite common roadkills in aussie as well 😀
    Darren: kick them out. they only love you for food. hehe
    zhong: wow. i once saw this cat fall off from the 4th floor of an apartment. it landed on its side, but managed to survive O_O
    mengz: LOL!!!! yeah cats are dumb..thats why i eat them for breakfast everyday

  6. Xes: if you run a cat over at 100km/h. The chances for it to survive are higher because you have less friction upon higher speeds. If you go slow, the grip is higher isn’t it? Furthermore, cats have a body which is so flexible that if it falls from 10 stories, it’s chances of survival are higher than falling from 3 stories. In fact, they’d most probably die when falling from 3 stories…if not paralyzed.
    So the moral is…if you see a cat, don’t jam brake, just run over. Most dead cats are normally accompanied with some tyres marks nearby.

  7. karheng: tyres are not slippery, tyres are mound to grip to the ground especially travelling @ high speed. imagine being pulled and teared by the moving tyre. and most dead cats i saw have flatted bodies or ripped out body parts.
    and cats dont die if they fall from 10th floor but they die if they fall from 3rd floor?? though they have the ability to twist their body so that they could land on their feet, doesnt the law of momentum apply to cats too??

  8. jean: you should come down to port klang(where i work) one day. i see road kills everyday such as cats, dogs, monkeys, big ass lizards, and also BIRDS.
    actually seeing a road kill in town is not that disugsting. because most of them are killed by cars. those road kills in port klang are killed by big ass trailer trucks. imagine seeing a road kill, drenched in blood, and all the intestines around the body. =) and i don’t see one everyday, i see plenty of them. =p

  9. xes: i know they are not. But the reason why your steering feels lighter while driving faster is because there is naturally lesser grip when you are turning your car into a parking lot.
    Cats are flexible enough to be run over by a car travelling at 50km/h and run out of it alive. A cat which dies is usually because of bigger transportation such as lorries which are slower and heavier.
    Futhermore, you have absorbers on your car. Also, most normal cars have soft compound tyres which are easier on the cat if it is ran over.
    I have seen cats survive while being run over, only to run away quickly after being run over.
    Not kidding.
    And yes…a cat is more likely to die upon falling a short fall compared to a high fall. It gives them time to turn their bodies around so that they can land softly. It is natural for them to do so. If it’s lower, they can’t turn in time for a soft landing. I watched this on discovery. Hehehe

  10. karheng: steering wheels are light because there’s power steering. duh
    the whole bloody purpose of pressing the break is to avoid from running down over the cat. if we’re lucky, we’ll manage to stop in time and the cat will be able to escape. further, by slowing down the cat, the cat being a quick witted animal, would have another split second to make an escape.
    few cats escaping from death after being run over doesnt justify that all cats must be run over. where is the scientific prove?? you cant go tell everybody to run over cats just because u’ve seen limited cases where a cat escaped death after being run over. have you forget the fact that it might sustain serious injuries from being run over?
    pfft. this is all rubbish.

  11. heheeh i have run over cats, my friend has and going faster has made them survive, however i’m not saying all will survive too, but chances are they have a better survival rate. Your steering gets lighter in higher speeds because of power steering? How about kancil without power steeering?
    Don’t u realise that the sensitivity of the steering gets higher when u are in higher speeds?

  12. karheng: initially i tot that u said car steering wheel seems lighter when driving in a car park. looks like i misread it.
    i dont agree that by running over them, they have better chance of survival. there is no stastistic to prove. many times i had stopped in time for a cat to escape, they escaped unscathed. isnt that a better choice for them to escape rather than running them over and hope that they will survive?
    further, the sensitity of steering wheel when a car is travelling fast doesnt in a way help a cat survive. what speed do u think that is appropriate to travel in order to run over a cat safely? you wont know dude. further, though the car is ‘floating’, it is still on the ground and it will no doubt injure the cat if u run over one.
    bottom line is, running over a cat is not a good idea. i’m sure all PETA members would agree. such unfound reasons wouldnt justify that cats should be run over.

  13. heeheh…..ok…i understand what u saying…
    my meaning is when you really can’t stop, just run over la……no choice already, if u jam brake, might cause accident u know! ehheeheh…
    if slow then ok la…jam brake…=)

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