The cockroaches strike back!

Couple of months back, my colleague had an unpleasant experience with one of the restaurants near my office. She had half a cockroach in her food.
So today, at the same restaurant, I was the 2nd victim.
It was a small cockroach. It’s barely noticable and all we could see is its legs.

Colleague’s cockroach..not mine. Mine looked better than this.
However, by the time I found out about it, my chicken maryland was already finished. The boss once again apologized profusely and our meal was on the house again.
Well, at least I saved RM10 for my lunch due to that mutated cockroach. But as we walked out from the restaurant, we were worried that the boss might run out and scream
Well, we walked as fast as we could 😀
Unfortunately, my learned colleagues were unsymphatic toward my calamity.
K: you should have told us earlier. I could have order more!!
K: Yours is probably lucky least you found the cockroach, mine is probably in my stomach already.

13 thoughts on “The cockroaches strike back!”

  1. I’m sorry… did I read that right.. you went BACK to a restaurant where you’d had a cockroach in your food before?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    blech, no thank you!

  2. ……
    i heard cockroaches is a delicacy in some countries.can we know what were u eating that day?

  3. bent: i had chicken maryland 😀
    loonatik: they deserved to be closed down!!
    Darren: since they had their revenge..we shall prepare for counter attack..i know u’ve killed some! i saw that on ur website! heeh
    fishfish: does japan has cockroach sushi? i know they have cockroach porn… 😀
    zhong: kekeke its okay..its rampant nowadays.. soon it will be a national delicacy

  4. Darren: i hereby knight you as Darren the Cockroach Killer. hail Darren the cockroach killer!!
    zhong: do they?? what is it for? can shit easily ah?

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