If you’re why I havent been updating this blog, well, I ran out of things to blog. There are some days where I have so many things to blog about that it could occupy an entire month worth of blog posting. Now it’s basically 0.

As a filler, I thought I’ll post some pictures of my Mum’s cats. We have 5 cats at home. 1 Mama cat and 3 kittens plus one stray who joined them when it was still a kitten. The stray cat’s name is Harry, because it’s quite hairy.

The 3 kittens are Sesame, Coco and Halia. There were 2 other cats as well but both die recently. Lil Nom Nom was found dead with bite marks. Probably attacked by a dog. He was too fat to climb trees I think.

As for the other kitten, Botswana, he got ran over by a car. Puhkimak Driver.

May they rest in peace in Hello Kitty Heaven.

Sesame, Coco & Halia – when they were still young

Sesame..aawwwww so smaall


Months later, they became fat monsters.

Halia’s fats were bulging out.

Harry’s face was swollen. I think he got stung by a bee. Serve him right for attacking anything that moves!

nom nom nom nom..Friskies!

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  1. You seems so easy to rear cats… My cats refused to eat cat foods… Only will eat prawns, fried chickens and ayam brand tuna (MUST RM5.40 per can or else they never eat)… Same like your cats my cats actually stray cats when I found them…

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