Chair and Sex

Today at lunch, my boss’s PA (Personal assistance) asked me…
PA: “Hey, is your chair a man or a lady?”
me: “I…”
Boss: “WTF, why you ask such dumb question? Are you insulting my lawyer.”
PA: “No, no…Today, the new clerk put in a request to buy a new chair.”
Boss: “Why? Her chair break?”
PA: “No lar, she said that her chair is a man.”
Me & Boss: “WHAT!”
PA: “She said that my chair is man too. No wonder, i feel like i am sitting on a man all day long.”
Me & Boss: (we pretend that we didn’t hear her.)
PA: “She wants to buy a girl chair. So how lar, Boss.”
Boss: huh? Frank, Is your chair a man or woman.
Me: Boss, I…

If there are chair for man and woman, this should be the pillow for man?

17 thoughts on “Chair and Sex”

  1. this post is totally lame, dry and uninspiring.
    xes: due to some inconveniences, i missed out on
    the Revelation. gave the ticket to a friend
    of mine instead. missed out on meeting you
    for the first time too. what a pity.

  2. ya ya!! I got these pics from a fwd.ed email too.. These cushions are originated from Japan!! So coooOOooOL~

  3. boob_omatic: Thanks for your comment on my post.
    Jim: what u mean?
    mike: dun think so…but she is weird
    jane & galFeRari: ya, the cushion is made in Japan…hehehe

  4. the German language also uses male and female to indicate things like door or chair.
    A door can be a female and chair a male. Some shit like that….

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