Hardsequence @ Cream

DarkRavers & Bass Agents
It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!
The beat was hard and fast. The dance floor almost went crazy! Farrrr muccchhhh betterrr than PD rave…
Darren, fellow blogger from Miri is down in KL. Sharon and I picked him up at Sg Wang before meeting Big Ben, Sui Lin, Liz, Wen Hui and Calene @ Cream.

The crowd

Me, Jon & Big Ben

The girls..dont ask me why they have the same handsign..
Initially Sharon and I were stuck in a jam for half an hour. Darren had to wait for quite some time for us to come. When we were about to reach…I said, “I think it’s easy to spot him.. he’s the only guy on the streets with phat pants”. It’s true. We got hold of him within few seconds….

Darren..he’s taller than I thought…
Cream’s service was satisfying as well. Staff were very, very polite and efficient…unlike Atmosphere Club, *ptui* Unfortunately, Darren was told off for talking pictures. wtf?
Since girls get in free before 11PM, there were loads of girls. For once, it wasnt a sausage party.

Christina endorses this event!
Overall, it was awesome. I hope they’ll have another Hardsequance again 😀
Check out the POWAH of Melbourne shuffle.

9 thoughts on “Hardsequence @ Cream”

  1. zhong: aiseh no worries. ill post reviews fr u to see if u miss any ehhe
    Amos: yeah la.. aiseh i tot u wil lcome ..hhe
    YUMMIE: aiyah this is rave..not clubbing ekeek

  2. xes: yeah that stupid guy! eh didn’t know u took that pic one hehe, going tomorrow night?
    Amos: too bad u slept lahh, go for freedom 48 man hehe

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