Chap Goh Mei

Choon said,

Scenario 3
Today is Chap Goh Mei, whereby we, Chinese, celebrate the 15th day of the Chinese new year.
Today is also the day, whereby the Chinese people, will head to the river and throw mandarin oranges so that their wish will come true. so here it goes again, with my mom looking out for me when she sense that i need something in my life 😉 my mom has never told me the reason Chinese people threw oranges to the river ….
Up until today when she finds a reason to.

This is what I expect my mom to say when she is explaining the significance of the orange throwing.

mom: ah huei, if you throw mandarin oranges to the river on chap goh meh, anything that you wish for will come true

alas, this is what she said to me …

mom: ah huei, u know ah, tomorrow night is chap goh mei, so if you throw oranges to the river right, your wish will come true and you can get a boyfriend this year!
me: *gape*
mom: come come! i’m willing to fetch you to the klang river tomorrow night, and you throw orange lah. ask your single friends to throw with you also lar.
me: *speechless*
mom: (laughing hard) muahahahha ….

My mom wished that I could a boyfriend as soon as possible, so that she could brush her hands off me, while asking the guy to take care of me instead! or maybe it’s because i have been single for too long .. and she is scared that i could not get married (lol)


Today is also regarded as Chinese?s Valentine?s Day. During old times, young ladies will be out on the streets on their best dress, looking for young handsome eligible bachelors. As mentioned above, they will be heading to the nearest river to throw oranges and pray that their single hood would end immediately. iloveu please head to the nearest river to end your lifetime misery.

8 thoughts on “Chap Goh Mei”

  1. xes – thank for ur concern but i have yet to find a good man…perhaps i will be single all my life who knows…if this my life…and so i accept it and try to live my old days till i die…-the end-

  2. hahaaaa i’m laffing really hard while i type this cos was abit confused when i read “ah huei”… thought shites.. my eyes playing tricks on me ar?! hehe.. happy chap goh meh evryone!

  3. omg!!!hahaha … xes, u posted it up on ur blog?? i thought my eyes deceived me or something … i’m so freaking embarassed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahah, shitez …

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