The Last Samurai

Sui Lin, Ben, Chiew Wai, Sow, Zing and I watched The Last Samurai starring Tom Cruise. I liked it. I like the way they project the old Japanese culture, battle scene (especially they part where they used old traditional way to fight against modern warfare) and also sword fighting.

As for Taka, the actress, her sorrowful face made her look like she’s going to cry any second. But no doubt, she has a CFM face πŸ˜€

The movie was shot in Taranaki, New Zealand. And what puzzled us was that, where the hell did they get so many Asians in the movie?

Zing: “Probably they hired Asians from The Malaysians and Singaporeans Society of University of Auckland”
Sow: “Yeah, probably they serve one huge ass bucket of Nasi Lemak at the backstage”

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Posted by venga ( @ 10/18/2003 02:01:14 AM

1) how a place is pronounced and how a person wishes to pronounce a place is up to the wish of the person. Bangsar can be pronounced in as many ways.who died and made u the sole voice in pronounciation of msian town names?
2)can you quantify your claim of yee sang being a msian dish with some prove? i doubt that very much.
3)foreigners who come into the coutnry for sexual pleasures know where to find them due to the vast network among your suggestion of taxi drivers and such is not totally accurate.
4)the word black has been phased out of social use in western countries for quite some time.u shud brush up your knowledge before u try to impart advice.i doubt any westerner is gonna call anyone black.given your prejudice, i suppose you will but give the westerners some credit.

Ok, I found this reply to that posts lately. Here’s my reply..
1) Please read the first line, “Got this from a forwarded email πŸ˜€ “
2) Please read the first line, “Got this from a forwarded email πŸ˜€ “
3) Please read the first line, “Got this from a forwarded email πŸ˜€ “
4) Screw you la, you just wasted 2 minutes of my life!!

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  1. is that the best u can do…..well never mindi forgive you peace bro we are all msians after allu see the ‘bro’ i used……

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