Charles and Camilla stamps

The Royal Mail has unveiled two stamps showing Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles to mark their wedding.

The stamps will go on sale April 8, the date scheduled for their wedding in Windsor.

A first-class 30-pence stamp shows an informal close-up picture of the pair laughing.

They pose more formally in a 68-pence stamp, which is the most popular price for posting a letter overseas from Britain.

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But not forgetting our very own stamps issued on 9 April 2005

9 thoughts on “Charles and Camilla stamps”

  1. bleh.
    eh, those msian stamps ah, can you actually buy them from post office? everytime i go there to buy stamps also same old padi stamps. cheh.

  2. LiEw: you can’t dream of pretty woman all the time, dude. Sometime, u need to have a variety of them…hahahahha
    Fer: They are first day cover. Some are available for a limited time only. BTW, do u collect stamp?

  3. i USED to collect stamps. now half of it gave to chengleong as bribe. *haha!!*
    i just like buying out of the ordinary stamps to send letters to friends overseas. that’s why when i was in the UK, it was fun to send mails!! every season/festive time, different stamps! every month, even! nice! and also because their mail service is top notch! 1st class, get it next day(thru out UK) 2nd class day after. cheap cheap. *hehe*

  4. Liew: heheheh charles go for the for the looks!! hehe
    ferker: u can get it from any post offices but most of the time its sold out. however, there is unlimited supply at the philatelic department in KL 😀
    frank_omatic: they are sold seperately as well. need not be in fdc format. and they are avaiable prolly for 5 years only 😀

  5. LiEw: I am not greedy too but if i have a choice, i wanna have different woman in my dreams.
    FeR : In M’sia, registered mail cannot also go missing lar.
    xes : For 5 year only? hmmm….

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