Janet Birthday 2005

On Sunday, Xes and me headed down to Victoria Station, PJ for a small Sheffield Uni class 0f 2001 reunion because
I have not seen all my uni mate for ages. Ever since all of us graduated from uni, there had not been any such gathering for awhile. The last one was during michelle’s birthday last year.
The dinner was scheduled for 7:30pm but as usual everyone was late except Michelle!!!!

“hmmmm…what to eat?”
Jon: eh, Frank faster take the pic lar. It’s hard pretending to be studious.”
Cindy(left) and Jon(right) studying the menu


Alex (far left) and Alan Teoh (far right): I am so stone
Allen Tan (middle): YEAH!!! Victoria Secret, i am loving it!

After the food, we took group photos but not everyone was in the photos. Most importantly, the birthday girl was in the photos!

The rose among the thorns
Sitting from left to right: Cynthia and Meng Choo
Standing from left to right: Frank_omatic, michelle, and Janet aka the birthday girl

standing from left to right: xes, Janet aka the birthday girl and frank_omatic
sitting from left to right: Alex, Allen Tan, and Alan Teoh

Ok, photo session over! Bring out the cake!!!

Light it up, baby!!!

We sang her the birthday song. Janet was so touched!

Janet: What should i do?

Janet: I am so happy! The cake is lovely.”

Nah, she didn’t put her head onto the cake. She was just taking out the candle with her mouth. It’s tradition. See, she still look so clean and pretty after the dinner

Janet with Xes and Frank_omatic
P.S. I did not step on your face, 4 years ago. LOL =P

28 thoughts on “Janet Birthday 2005”

  1. wow! chio babe! i’ll b damn surprised if she’s still available! wat is frank thinking?!! haha!
    frank, wat is ur rite hand doing ‘there’ in the last pic? hehe!

  2. Darren: Ok lar. If u put it that way, i will have to agree.
    chuoming: Hahahaha, true. That’s why she cannot find it
    DieHardX: My right hand? Wherever you think it is appropriate.

  3. Janet is lovely. So are your other gf. Geee… you 2 lucky guys, studied in such a good ‘environment’. πŸ˜› *sigh* How come ff never get the chance to have bunches of cute guys as my classmates? *heart bleeding*

  4. What a lovely enviroment to study in. If i had known, i would gone to be a lawyer instead of being stuck in Comp Science.
    frank: That’s y I skip classes all da time man….

  5. hey! nice pics!! anyway, yea.. i was NOt late.. in fact, i was early! haha but MC and alan were earlier! πŸ˜‰ by de way, it was a TIRAMISU cake! not bad ey? ;p catch up soon guys!

  6. michie: I like Tiramisu!!!! How come never cut me a piece? U must have bring it home for your man lar.
    Bouchee: Ya, we salute you!!! Anyway, how did u find our website? Google?
    iamdumb: Down boy! Down!

  7. Helo people out there…Thanks for all the wishes out there…and by the way CM dun lar be jealous …and ya very funny about the size thingy..

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