cheated by shipping company

Haha, I just got a fan mail

Hi Foong Xes,

Love your pics at Atmosphere… the PLUR smiles look
so good…. but if u want to feng tau and don’t mind
the ah bengs, why not head down from Atmosphere to
Warp or Backroom? Feng tau too valuable to waste on
shitty music. Not lack of speed or beat at Warp…

keep those pics coming….


Btw, Xenon, those pictures are from Sui Lin’s camera 😀

I feel so cheated. God damn it. No, I’m not having girl problems again.

The agent who is handling my shipment from UK called me this evening. They demanded a payment of RM530!!!!! Wait a minute! I paid 100 pounds to the shipping company in UK! What the fuck, my entire luggage doesn’t cost more than RM1000. Now I have to fork out RM1100 for that rubbish? I should have dumped all of them into the rubbish bin than sending it back to Malaysia. Ok, public announcement, to students who are planning to ship their luggage back through Sevens Seas, please think twice!

7 thoughts on “cheated by shipping company”

  1. sue them for breach of contractual obligations? they offered to do it for 100 pounds not RM 530. Haha.. does it work that way?

  2. That is so weird (payment) – don’t you have a receipt or something to prove that you’ve paid for the shipment and that’s that? This is a good lesson for me though ‘coz I’ll be shipping my stuffs back to KL soon too … BTW, who’s Xenon?

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