Klang and Atmosphere

I finally got my shipment from UK after paying RM530 for it. It seems that the extra cost was for administrative cost, tax and what so ever cost. Apparently, those extra cost were only applicable to people who ship their goods into ports. If I chose the Door-to-Door service (pick up goods at door and goods sent to home), I wouldn’t have to pay the extra RM530 because all the cost is paid to the agent in UK. Damn.

However, the trip to Klang was worth it. One of the employees, a 20 year old well built Malay boy was assigned to guide me to North Port to collect my box. Initially he wanted to ride his motorcycle but since I’m not familiar with Klang he decided to guide me by sitting in my car.

Port Klang has 3 main ports and the one I went is called North Port. Entering the port is damn troublesome. Firstly, I had to go thru a guard who then orders me to hand in my identity card for record. Secondly, since the place is so huge, it is almost impossible to drive around without a guide. Furthermore, getting my parcel was troublesome too. There were 2 stages I have to go through which is registering and collecting parcel. Both of the processes were made in a different place. Moreover, there was loads of paper work involved.

The sight in North Port was pretty interesting, cranes, lorries and containers everywhere. . There were loads of funny looking vehicles. There was this vehicle that carries container that looks like a Star Wars battle ship.

Getting out from the Port was troublesome too. The Malay guy had to show the Exit guards my box and they checked whether my particulars were correct. Well worth RM530 experience. Ha ha.

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  1. You had to pay taxes on your stuffs? Hmm … according to the freight company I’m planning to use in 4 months’ time, all I need to do is print out this particular form and have my school stamp on it. Then my stuffs can be tax-free because I bought and used them here.

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