cheating husbands

Couple of days ago, I heard this interview on radio.

DJs: Hello this is Green man and the Scam boy here. We’re talking about cheating spouses, tell us your experiences.

A lady calls in,

Lady: (sounding really demented) there’s this lady who’s been messaging my husband all the time! Stupid B…
DJs: WAITT!! You’re on national radio!
Lady: Oh sorry, anyway, my husband says that he doesn’t know who she is. That lady has been messaging my husband all the time. Do you want me go give you her number?
DJs: thanks, we’re on national radio!! So your husband said that he doesn’t know her?
Lady: Yeah.
DJs: Do you know that’s one of the popular reasons that men give when they try to cover up??
Lady: No I trust my husband! He wouldn’t do that.
DJs: Trust me! Men always give that reason.
Lady: Nooo, I trust my husband completely! He wouldn’t do that to me!!
DJs: I think you should go ask your husband about it…
Lady: (almost at the verge of crying), yes yes, I will go ask him.. *slams phone down*

Then another lady calls in

DJs: Hi there.. Tell us your story
Lady 2: If I find out that my husband is cheating on me, when he sleeps, I will cut off his ‘buddy’
DJs: hahaHhaHAhHAHhaah ok… What’s your husband’s name? We don’t want to be buddies with your husband!

13 thoughts on “cheating husbands”

  1. hiyoo,…stupit radio, must be lil kev and his ‘i-forgot-his-name’ partner……. who would actually dj such topic?Malaysia lar hello

  2. nole…lil kev and fly guy boh liao adi…now it’s the jason lo and JJ…hahaha CL….which radio station is it ;p

  3. i heard fly guy and lil kev were fired 😀 irene eh hello, i wrote, “DJs: Hello this is Green man and the Scam boy here. We’re talking about cheating spouses, tell us your experiences.”. why u always misread my stuff one? hehepenny: radio 4 😀

  4. ekkeke….soree lor….me dunno all de DJ names… :Ptoday i heard in Hitz, talking bout possesive bf…. wats wif de radio anyway? is msian open enuf for those kinda talk show? hrmmmm

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