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It makes me unnecessarily stressed whenever my parents argue. It makes me think. “What if they start chopping each other with machetes?” But thank god over the years, nothing serious happened. Mum is a superb negotiator. She could talk out a machete welding man or someone who is about to burst out violently. That explains the non violent arguments between my parents.

Dad hasn’t been in a good mood lately and today, he burst out in anger. I had no idea what or who he was angry at but I heard loads of crashing and banging in the living room. The word ‘termites’ was repeated couple of times. Mum was in the living room when it happened. She didn’t tell me anything about it.

Well, I’m sure everyone’s parent out there argues. For me, my parents usually argue about money. What does your parent usually argue about?

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  1. last times used to be bout me n my bro…ahhahaa..spoiling us too much… dad can be really cinapek at times…sigh…

  2. hm, when i was young my parents argued a lot. over what i couldnt’ remember …but there was one time, when i was 5? 6? the shoutings n argument got so bad, it makes me cry terribly! i swear man, they can almost bring down the house. and then it happen for the 2nd time again … and me crying again …because they felt so bad abt their style of arguing, they decided to tone down their arguments by including humour or just plain debate. and ever since then, they began to live happily ever after with no terrible arguments! hehhe … =)see how powerful a child’s cry can be? 😉

  3. well I heard my parents argues once and there was lots of banging and all and the word “son”, “give him up” and “disown” was heard.

  4. mostly about my dad not being a good husband and is always pushing my mom aside and not talking to her or taking her out.he being just a furniture in the house and not caring about the family but himself.its still the same after all these dad’s a good father.but not a good husband. 😀

  5. irene: yeah la, ur mum should have rotan u everyday ehhechoon: err.. i cant cry infront of my parents now..if i do, i think they will send me to hospital bahagia la 😀 gavin: if i were father ah, i long time disown u liao hahahahakim: good father bad husband..well said 😀

  6. my mom likes to spring clean the entire house even when it isn’t ‘time’ to do so. so she’s always throwing away stuff that my dad leaves extremely messily all over the house. sometimes, it’s important stuff like bills and receipts that he needs to claim from his company. so..yeah..they’re always arguing about how my mom doesn’t ask beforehand and how my dad leaves stuff around. extreme messy man and woman with obsessive cleaning tendencies really doesn’t mix 😛

  7. My dad use to scold my mom for being an ass. She’ll have a black face for no reason and she refuses to tell my dad the reason for the black black face. And when my dad talks to her, she juz ignores him and it pisses him off.Especially after he’s tired after coming back from a whole day of work.I heard him shouting once in his bedroom from mine and so i ran to his room thinking wat had happened and i caught him giving my mom the sunshine talk while my mom juz watches tv.Not sure whether she listening or not but i left as soon as i enter the “warzone”.So din hear or witness much.According to my grandma(father’s mother), that’s how my mom really looks.The black black face i mean.Oh well,life sucks. But it goes on.They don’t fight or quarrel or gif each other the sunshine talk anymore.Infact,i’ve nv seen them more loving in so many yearsssssssssssss*Really gifs me the chills looking at them act like teenage couple who’s going out wif each other for the 1st damn blardy time!*

  8. eraine: aiyah it’s good to have someone to clean up the mess all the time amh kekegguni: wah..what happened? they discovered viagra?frostie: wahlao, u better be good boy la, otherwise lightning will strike u michael: heahaehaehaehahe i wish i had the guts to lecture them la haha..wait till i earn my own money firstcm: it’s just an expression la, takkan i say AK47 right?kaufman: eerrr…? scientifically, tomato is a fruit 😀

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