Christmas stamps!

Since Christmas is approaching, it’s time to make money!!

Post Offices around the world have been issuing Christmas stamps.

Here are some new Christmas stamps:-

Well, boring design
Merry Christmas!

Czech Republic

Prejeme Vam Vesele Vanoce a stastny Novy Rok


Feliz Navidad!


These Japanese stamps are cool. Other than the self adhesive stamps, you can use the characters (teddy bear, snowman etc) as well.
Kurisumasu Omedeto!


Santa Clause! I remember once pikey sent a letter to Santa Clause in Finland. Santa replied!
Hyvaa joulua!


Pozdrevlyayu s prazdnikom Rozhdestva is Novim Godom!

United Kingdom

Christmas 2005 Stamps

Recently, the Royal Mail stated that it would not to issue the 68 pence Christmas stamp to customers unless specifically requested. The 68p Christmas stamp featured a picture of Hindus worshipping Baby Christ, and had led to calls for a withdrawal by Hindu organisations in the UK.

Merry Christmas!

For more Christmas wishes in different languages, visit

10 thoughts on “Christmas stamps!”

  1. oohh… that santa letter… reminded me I havent send mail to santa yet but then think a bit too late liao… last year oso forgot to send… sigh… one day straight go visit him in finland better, LOLz

  2. Joanne: the indian one was apparently taken from an old christian mural in India!
    gunni: merry xmas
    pikey: heheehehehe i think u can still send a letter to him la. did he include a stamp last time?? if he did, im gonna send one!!
    Amos: I think msia doesnt have any stamps which commemorates religious festivals. we dont even have hari raya stamps!
    peggy: yea jap ones are nice!
    YUMMIE: see
    cherryone: hehehe i’ve already told her!! she’s getting stamps for me!! weeeeeeeee

  3. xes: dont have stamps la.. just have the label ‘postage paid’ or something like that…
    yummy: u can give it a try and send using express mail to Finland if u want an early reply around Xmas :p

  4. wah!!!…. cantiknya setem2 tu…. saya nie suka kumpul setem… kan best kalau dpt koleksi nie… 😀 ada lagi ke org suka kumpul setem…?

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