Women and Cars

This post is not meant to offence women. It is merely an urban legend aka stories that i heard from people around me.

A lot of man say that woman cannot drive properly or woman don’t know how to look after their car. Here are two stories that i heard about woman who don’t know how to look after their car

Story 1
Ms. A is a uni graduate. She bought a car. Two year later, her car had to be sold for scrap metal. Why? It’s not because she got into some accident. The reason behind it was that for those two years that she had been using the car, she had never serviced it. When she was being asked about it. She said “I wash my car everyday. Isn’t that servicing my car?”

Story 2
Ms. B, college student’s new car broke down one day. She insisted that her mechanic didn’t have to check her car battery because she refilled it once per week. When the mechanice came to his wit end to find out what was wrong with the car, he took out the car battery for a look. The car battery had battery water in it but how come it was not working? When Ms. B was being questioned about what water she filled her battery with, she said “Normal water la”.

9 thoughts on “Women and Cars”

  1. Holly shit…i had to pester my dad to take the car n all for servicing n balancing but he said no need and im like but the car is shaking when i go above 90 km/h…..

  2. Walao! Wah they have this type of people in this world ar? Oh ya mentioning about the battery thing, next time as Ms B to get dry batts not the normal 1…easier for her to maintain…

  3. i could be wrong…but apparently my ex boss used to put his fish pond water in his mercedes’ car battery but the car still works fine..

  4. my dad says dun waste $$$ buying batt water worr, apparently he’s been using those filtered water at home for the past…… dunno how many years and the batt works out fine…jus as long is mineral water….

  5. Hey I do agree many women really don’t know anything about cars, including but not limited to, driving them.
    But to be fair, there are some men that know nothing about cars too.
    The only different is women accept that they don’t know…but men would act like they know but eventually screw up both the car and their EGO….

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