CLP Convo (16-12-2004)

CLP convo was held in PWTC, Merdeka Hall on 16-12-2004. The ceremony was so boring that there was almost nothing to write home about. Hence i am just going to give you a brief chronical of the whole event:-
10am – 12pm: CLP graduates register at the registration counter and collect their rob.
1pm – 2pm: The graduates were briefed on the manner and conduct when they recieve the scroll from the Sultan. The organiser made us wait for so long that, many of us became bored and started to take photo of each other.

SLB’s Chambeez and me (on the far right)
2pm – 3pm: The graduates lined outside the hall. The damn organiser made us waited out there, STANDING for almost an hour.
3pm – 4pm: The organiser let us entered the hall. Another 30 mins waiting for the Sultan and VIPs to arrive. There was a group of annoying photographers taking photos inside the hall.

The offical photographer of the ceremony
I took a few photos inside the hall too despite the “no photo” rule.

The Guests of Honour

The Attorney General giving his speech

me, waiting for my turn

that’s me and the Sultan
4pm – 5pm: We were told to stay back to have a group photo taken with the Sultan.

ARRGH…another hour of waiting.
In conclusion apart from being able to receive the scroll from the Sultan, this convo sucks big time cos the scroll they gave me was actually an useless paper that say “Ini bukan Sijil Amalan Guaman” (This is not The Certificate of Legal Practice). WTF!

9 thoughts on “CLP Convo (16-12-2004)”

  1. Congrats!! fish fish feels convo in M’sia very boring too. Too long time. Prefer convo in Japan, just so simple and fast. 30 min finish everything. Kekeke…

  2. xes: ya lor, that could be the last chance u can attend a convo
    Darren: ya man, the world outside is so damn different.
    gguni: sob sob, thanks dude
    DKBU: thanks dude
    michelle lee: Oh no, another competitor!
    fish fish: 30 mins is kinda fast right. My uni convo took at least 1 hr.
    Davids: ya but at least i received the “scroll” from the King of Perak and his speech was short but straight to the point.

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