Mini Karaoke Booth

Another recent fixture in Kuala Lumpur would be the mini karaoke booth. Priced @ RM1 per song, it could be split between 2 people, hence 50 cents per song! According to a friend, these karaoke booths originated from Thailand.
The booth is made to fit only 2 people. Any amount more 2 might result in the booth exploding as the booth is made of wood. Of course, since it is made of wood, one may hear frogs croaking or dog howling from the wooden booth.

10 thoughts on “Mini Karaoke Booth”

  1. Geee… did u try to croak and howl inside as well? 😛
    In Japan, got one famous chain karaoke called Jankara, can see my review on that if u want.
    Jankara very cheap. 220yen (RM8) per hr per person (student price). Normal price 280 yen (RM10). This price for until 7pm. Plus free drink as much as u want for soft drink, coffee and tea. Worth if go to sing in one room for 2 people.

  2. Come on guys! Are these little phone boxes really for karaoke? Seems more like a front for prostitutes or for the horny to get some privacy without paying for a love hotel… I wonder how long these will last???

  3. Darren: me too!
    blossom: mmmm i saw couple of chinese there that day
    galferari: blossom was talking about malays enjoying the karaoke booth. anyway, rock climbing is popular among malays too. in fact most of the beest climbers are malay.
    bernard: hehe is there another one @ other places?
    fishfish: great post on it! i just finished reading it 😀
    Xenon: hehehehehah that booth is too small to shag, mate. anyway, u can see who’s inside the booth!
    frank: heheh sing while u shit and shower ne ehe
    liew: eh torment? why? 😀

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