CLP referral papers

CLP referral papers are tomorrow. This would be the last chance for those who obtain a conditional pass. If we fail this time, we would have to wait till next year.

I bumped into an former CLP classmate in the library today. She didn’t sit for the exams because she was having problems with the formal requirements. It has been a while since I saw her. She joined us for rock climbing couple of times.

She: So what’s your number?

Me: 013-xxx-xxxx

She: Ok, thanks, I’ll give you a miss call now.

*bbzzz* *bbzzz*

Me: eum, how do you spell your name?

She: You don’t remember my name don’t you?

Me: Err….¦ la. hehe

She: It’s an old trick, I knew it!!!

Me: …..

/me hangs head in shame. .

Anyway, wish Frank and I luck tomorrow!

17 thoughts on “CLP referral papers”

  1. frank: not sharon la, i see her all the time @ the library one hehe. it was zizilainie: yeah lor memalukan..thanks btw! hehe

  2. The Unknown: hahahah good one ! but unfortunately, this friend of mine knows every tricks there is! she’s too smart! 😀

  3. LOL! Here’s a better way out of the “I-blatantly-forgot-your-name” situations. Just hand him/her your phone after your punched the numbers. Instinctively, people would just insert their name without asking. Never fail me before.

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