Random City Shuffle Gathering

Hayden @ http://clept.net/ said:

    That’s right people, I am organizing a random shuffle event this weekend. It’s not a party or rave, it is just me and some friends doing some shuffle in the middle of the city! I am sick of the Australian mentality to bully or alienate anyone who stands out. I will not tolerate anyone who wants to come along just to give crap to others for how they dance.

    I have been inspired by the groups of break dancers who just setup and have a dance with mates for fun. I want to generate a positive culture and group of shufflers who are like minded and can share the same enthusiasm for the dance we love to do.

    We gona take down some CDs, a speaker and an amp and just shuffle for the fun of it. We will also get some photos and lots of videos for you.

    I only want to invite people who will actually shuffle and have no problem with performing in the middle of the city and have everyone look at them. I just want happy people who encourage each other and not give shit or be negative. It’s just a bit of fun with friends who like to dance. Just like break dancers go and practice dance together for fun.

    All are welcome, but only if you will wear your phat pants and have fun!

    PM me for the time and location.

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