cold cold day

Another cold, cold day. The temperature finally hits 0 degree Celsius. I could see ice on the streets this morning and even the Astro pitch was frozen white. Cars were covered with frost. And according to the weather report, it might snow tomorrow. Snow, let it snow!

Ok, 8 more days and I’ll be back in Malaysia. I wanna club club club!!

Him and I were talking about Japanese language just now. He was saying that he’s going for an English and Japanese interview. It seemed that taking Japanese language has many other benefits (yes, other than able to communicate with Japanese girls and understand Japanese porn. Hope you ignorant people out there are reading this. hehe). If I could improve my Japanese and speak fluently, I could easily get a job in an international law firm, which has frequent deals with Japan.

3 thoughts on “cold cold day”

  1. heheh fasterr come bacckk!! hehehehe.. u won’t miss derick may 24th,timo maas 27 and sasha 28(will run from 9PM to 6AM!)

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