Sam’s birthday

It’s Samantha?s 21st birthday today. As usual, we had birthday dinner at Mei’s Chinese restaurant. It was good. 20 people turned up.

I had a mild hangover this morning. No idea why, I wasn?t seriously pissed last night. Darn, it was giving me a headache whole day. I couldn?t study at all.

Cold, cold weather. Absolutely chilling. According to the weather forecast, it?s about 2 degrees Celsius but it sure feels like ?4 degrees Celsius. Most people on the streets wore beanies and gloves. I myself had to wear 2 layers of clothing and a beanie.

Despite the cold weather, it didn?t stop a small group of people protesting outside Firth Court. They lighted up a lot of candles around them, held banners saying ?Animal have rights too? and ?Sheffield University Animal Laboratory?. They were handing out flyers with ugly pictures of mutated animals.

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