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Dad is back from Japan again. FIY, his company sends him there once a month to monitor the staff there.

Dad told me that while at Narita airport, he was approached by a Chinese couple who lost their money in the city and couldn’t afford a trip back to their hometown in China (all they have is their air ticket). Obviously, Dad was sceptical about their claim, but after weighing all the possibilities that they’re actually conmen, he decided to help them. Dad handed them RM150.

Speaking about con men, they are everywhere in the world.

Here are 2 con men encounters I heard from my friends.
“I lost my money. Can you spare me some change so I can go back to my place at (insert random place here). Since we’re Chinese, we should help each other!!”

“WOI! I’m from gang (Insert gang number here ie 18, 24, 36). Did you just whack my friend? I’m going to smash if you did. But I’ll settle this if you pay me some money”

As for my own personal experience, below are the numerous ways people used to illicit money from me.

London Leicester Square
A lady with flower on her hand blocked my path. She then hands me the flower. She smiled. I took the flower and smiled back at her. She then said,
“5 pounds please”

Aboriginal guy: Heya mate! Where you from?
Me: oh hi Malaysia..
Aboriginal guy: Ahh..Malaysia! great place! The people there are nice..Bla blab bla (begins to sound friendly. However at the end of his sentence)
Aboriginal guy: Eum..mate..can you spare me some change?

Incident 1

Kid #1: My sister and I have been kicked out from the house. Can you spare us some money so that we can book a hotel?
(The kid looked stoned. Hence I said)
Me: NO.

Incident 2
White dude: Can you spare me some change mate?
Me: Eum..sorry I have none..
White dude: FUCK OFF. (Walks away)

Amsterdam Chinatown
White dude: I need some money
Me: Sorry I have none.
White dude: Give me money.
Me: (keeps quiet)
White dude: You want me to steal your camera?
Me: no?
White dude: Give me money or I’ll steal your camera
Me: (walks off quickly)

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  1. the ladies at leicester sq are odd. *haha* i knew that you’ve got to pay so i smiled and said, “no, thank you.” she then turned to anson, “a flower for your lady?” when he declined, she mumbled something about him being a stingy pot. *hahaha*

  2. I get that all the time.. between Bourke and Lonsdale, here are some varieties:”Hi, excuse me, my car ran out of petrol and something’s wrong with my phone, i couldn’t call my (whoever)…… ” – girl, think early twenties. Dresses pretty well, but those flip flops are a dead give-away.”squse me mate.. do you happen to have any change, I haven’t had anything to eat for 2 days….” – the bastard who hangs around Coles Express on Elisabeth.”…ummm… do you have any change you can spare me? – Short old man, hardly sober, with a navy sports jacket, prowls collins. Tell him you haven’t eaten either…. he might give his change.”Mate, do you have… (that’s when i say sorry) What about a ciggy, can i steal one off you?” – Just give him a ciggy, his buddy will ask you for one too, just say no because you already gave one away and watch them fight over a ciggy… or, give his mate one… and they’ll anounce to everyone else within the proximity of 500m radius that you’re DEVINE. Found on swanston, near Melb Central.*sob* “He left me, my boyfriend left me, and i’m here all alone, and he has my purse. Would you be kind enough to lend me a couple of dollars, i need to get home” – Thought you broke up with him a week ago? Remember, you came to me last week at Flinder’s Street Station (making sure everyone else heard that – was in a pissy mode that day).”Excuse me mate… (expecting the usual can i steal a ciggy / do you have any change but…) can i just take that (pointing to an unfinish portion of cheese cake left on the table by patrons before me) .. Thanks, you know it’ll go to waste with the pigeons… Thanks….” – All too familiar face at Lincontro. Old man, not the young punk with a backpack.I seriously could go on. Try living in the city. Could be fun. Yea right, real fun. Don’t you just love Me!bourne?

  3. You gotta get more MUSCLES, xes. Then ppl won’t so easy approach you to illicit money. Hehe. Or look more MEAN. Climb more walls.I kena-ed once on Spencer St. And I happened to have some spare AUD2, so I just gave the dude since I was feeling generous. Another time on Swanston, the guy smelt of alchohol…not feeling generous, so I walked away.

  4. black guy: gimme some no way(*briskly walk away)black guy: I’ll shoot i only have one guy ran off after extorting one buck from me.

  5. dilirius: lol. i wonder if they only target asians TheUnknown: hAha great compilation of quotes man! good read! 😀 ferKer: keke u stingy pot kekewolfx: tat time havent started climbing yet..after exams must climb everydayafser: LOL!! was that in US or something? 😀

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