Happy Birthday Chuo Ming

www.xes.cx would like to wish Leong Chuo Ming, a very happy 23rd birthday.
Happy Birthday Chuo Ming!!!

Sorry bro, i can’t get you 3g (or is it 3kg) of weed for your birthday la, but la, i use my best photoshop skill to make you this cool pic la. I hope you will like it la. =)

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Chuo Ming”

  1. wow, thank god hc told me about this man, i look so fat!! and so lansi, i’m not lansi one. anyway, thanks frank, i promise i will never throw eggs and stuff at u again. and about the weed it’s ok la this is good enough.

  2. chuo ming: hehehehe…sorry, man. I tried to slice off your double chin with photoshop but i dun know how to do that.

  3. weEe weeEET!! Chuo ming~~!! You look so ‘yau yeng’. Just like one of the MIBHappy Birthday wey!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHUO MING!!!!now come back to kl, i am sure that double chin is hidden somewhereand i am sure your sugar mommy misses ya ;D

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